With the Next Generation Right Around the Corner, I Just Bought a Playstation 3

So I’m a little behind. Sue me.

The Xbox 360 has been my weapon of choice since the beginning of the current console cycle. I chose Microsoft’s console over Sony’s because I wanted Halo. I wanted Mass Effect. I prefer the heft of an Xbox controller to the cheap feel of a Dual Shock and I also find the analog sticks to be more comfortable and more responsive. I’ve never really cared about the added expense of Xbox Live because I’m not all that interested in online multiplayer. I’ve been through three Xbox 360s, having twice used Best Buy’s replacement warranty to replace units that decided they’d had enough of my shit and red ringed. The 360 has been good to me, and I’m still happy with my decision to go Microsoft rather than Sony.

Enter the Xbox One and the Playstation 4. The last few months have been jam packed with tantalizing trailers and dramatic presentations of groundbreaking new features–assuming you believe the marketing departments involved, of course. Regardless, pretty new games are pretty new games, and the Xbox One and the Playstation 4 are set to deliver a shit ton of pretty new games just in time for Christmas. So why, with the next generation of consoles roaring toward us like a horde of photographers chasing a Kardashian, did I purchase an old piece of hardware?

Simple: there are lots of Playstation 3 experiences I haven’t taken a crack at yet. The Last of Us tops that list; other D Pad D Bags staff members have been raving about Naughty Dog’s latest since its release, and I’m feeling a bit left out. Then there’s Uncharted. And God of War. And Metal Gear Solid. I’ve never hung out with either Ratchet or Clank. There are plenty of excellent Playstation 3 games I want to try, and they’re all about to become very, very cheap. A Playstation Plus subscription also delivers a large library of downloadable titles at no additional cost. If we’re talking bang for your buck, a current generation console you have yet to pick up can’t be beat.

Beyond the prices, I’m also going to wait out the next generation for at least a year simply because I don’t trust first generation hardware. I’d rather let someone else work out the bugs and problems that come with a brand new product. I also think it’s smart to wait the market out so I can make as informed a purchase as possible. I’m leaning toward the Playstation 4 right now simply because of all the goodwill they built at E3 by virtue of not changing anything about how console gaming works, but who knows how things will really shake out until the next generation consoles are in the hands of consumers? What happens if Sony’s new box doesn’t actually work reliably? What if the initial controller models flop? What if one side’s launch lineup blows the doors off the other’s? A new console is a big expense, and I want to make sure I’m spending my money wisely.

If you’re like me, and you’ve been firmly planted on one side of the console wars for the last few years, buying the other company’s console and waiting to see how the next generation pans out is probably the smartest thing you can do with your gaming dollars this year. I’ve written before that rushing out to preorder or buy a game day one is probably a bad idea; the same principle applies to consoles, especially for those of us who haven’t experienced one of this generation’s big ones.

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  • Escopablobar

    Well…about time. PS3 has a lot to offer for possibly the next 2 years. Even if the AAA support dries up there will most likely be longstanding indie support until that is no longer viable. I am like you in that I will not purchase “first run/gen” hardware. I will make my PS4/X1 purchase maybe halfway through 2014 to try and escape those manufacturing issues that will most definitely arise.

    So good luck. I do not envy your situation. I had both X360 and PS3 from launch so I am caught up on all the exclusives. You on the other hand are going to get carpal tunnel syndrome and go blind by the end of 2014.

  • xbotsAreDumb

    I sold my 360 2 years ago and never looked back. I don’t think there has been a single noteworthy 360 exclusive in that time span that I cared about.

    Also, don’t kid yourself with the controller nonsense. That’s the BS xbots spew; as they have no game.

    360 controller has always been a horrible piece of shit:
    – Cheap material? How many analog sticks have you pealed?
    – Asymmetrical analog sticks? Sorry, my hands are symmetrical
    – The absolute worst bumper placements on any controller ever; you need to strain to get to them
    – Squeaky cheap triggers
    – Still using batteries? Really? (xbox one continues this horrible cheap tradition; just to milk you for more money)
    – POS d-pad; do I need to say more?
    – Horribly large dead zones; as the analog sticks are far too stiff and need to be pushed a mile to get some action. Sorry, gaming is about quick reactions; playstation controller all the way; unless your aim sucks
    – Start button was far too close to the X button; unless you have tiny feminine hands
    – Right analog stick position in comparison to handle angles; make your thumb rest on the analog stick at an awkward spot (mid thumb); versus the perfectly placed playstation location
    – Need I say more?

    If you xbots look passed your biased opinions; you’ll see the 360 controller is one of the most overhyped controllers in history.

    Old disgruntled 360 gamer

  • 4by4by4

    Sounds like a sensible decision to me. There’s something unsettling about the need to consume products the moment they arrive. When you stop to think about what you’re doing (and ignore the hype, the media, the hype media, HYPE = MEDIA) you realise it’s odd to need things straight away. The main argument tends to come down to the fact that games get worse over time and it’s valid but it only shows how ephemeral hyped products can be.

    I’m thinking about buying a Playstation 2…

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