What Your Choice of Team in MLB 12: The Show Says About You

mlb 2k12 the show baseball major league baseball games

Atlanta Braves – You are consistently well above-average and a bit boring.

Arizona Diamondbacks – You’re as overrated as they come.  If you lived anywhere else you wouldn’t be able to find a job.

Baltimore Orioles – You’re still holding on to that time ten years ago you when you got laid every day for an entire month.  You really like orange and losing.

Boston Red Sox – Your best is never good enough for anyone.  A green muppet lives in one of the walls of your home.

Cleveland Indians – You are not bothered by overtly racist caricatures.  You could be described as “part project, part donkey.”

Chicago Cubs – A hopeless romantic, you got sucked in by the game’s marketing campaign.  You purchased WWE 12 just so you could create-a-wrestler Steve Bartman and beat the hell out of him with Chicago’s own C.M. Punk.

Chicago White Sox – You finally kicked your crazy uncle out of your house and you’re really looking forward to life without him.

Cincinnati Reds – You’ll never again be as cool as you were in the eighties.  You’ve been banned for life from various establishments for inappropriate gambling.

Colorado Rockies – The mountains turn blue when you’re cold.  You have your own humidor.

Detroit Tigers -You weigh 300 pounds and you wish Sony would remove “the dumb fielding parts” from the game.  Losses lead to wild bouts of chain smoking.

Florida Marlins – You have great respect for Fidel Castro.  Friends often describe your Twitter account as “TMI.”

Kansas City Royals – Waterfalls mean a lot to you.

Houston Astros – You play every game on the hardest difficulty available and you fucking like it.  You may or may not have a thing for trains.  You used to have a lot of friends with “B” names.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim – Geography is not your strong suit–you often have no clue as to your exact location.

Los Angeles Dodgers – Having just come out of a brutal divorce, the magic has suddenly returned to your life.  Few people come to your parties on time or stay until the end.

Milwaukee Brewers – Your life would be a lot different if not for a mishandled jar of urine.  The slide is your favorite piece of playground equipment.

Minnesota Twins – You just bought a nice new house but you spend most of your time in the hospital.

New York Mets – You’ll never be as good at life as your older brother.  People occasionally describe you as “amazin’.”

New York Yankees – Whenever you lose at a video game you hurl the controller across the room in anger and then stomp off to GameStop to trade said video game in for something new.

Oakland Athletics – You’re not going to buy MLB: The Show 2012 until next year when everyone has moved on to a newer model and you can get this one for $10 in the bargain bin.

Philadelphia Phillies – You’ve donated lots of money to the local senior center and you walk with a slight limp.

Pittsburgh Pirates – You’ve spent the last fifteen years trading away all your good Pokemon cards and now all you’ve got left is a deck full of Metapods.

San Diego Padres – You enjoy spending time in a whale’s vagina.  Pet food is your favorite meal.

San Francisco Giants – You’re really fucking weird and you’ve got the hair to prove it.

Seattle Mariners – You have the prettiest house in the neighborhood but nothing nice to put inside of it.

St. Louis Cardinals – Known for your cat fetish, you keep a big puma in the house.

Tampa Bay Rays – A self-made man, you love the finer things in life but you live in a fucking dump.

Texas Rangers – Cocaine is your drug of choice.  Your antlers are always up.

Toronto Blue Jays – You’re better than most people think.  Your family has had ten different crests in the last twelve years.

Washington Nationals – You are a young up-and-comer.  You do not miss those years you spent in Montreal.

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