What We’ll See In GTA V

With the impending release of new super-consoles Playstation 4 and Xbox One, many avid gamers are turning their attention to the games that will be coming along with these consoles. And though there will be a number of new and original titles being released, one that is beginning to generate a great deal of discussion among loyal franchise fans is a promising sequel: Grand Theft Auto V.

This popular gaming series from Rockstar Games has been thrilling fans for over a decade now, with 2001’s GTA III representing the true birth of the modern series (despite previous 2D games). Fast-forward 12 years, through multiple wildly successful follow-ups, and here we are looking forward to the most advanced version of the game yet. So here are a few things you can expect to see in the new game!

The World

Some of the most significant buzz about the new GTA game is that it’s going to be massive, and it’s sounding like the map could be unprecedented. OXM online specifically states that the GTA V map of “Los Santos” and the surrounding areas will be bigger than the maps of Red Ded Redemption, GTA IV, and San Andreas combined.

The Characters

One of the best things about this franchise is that it’s packed with little supporting personalities. But as far as player control goes, there will be 3 options, rather than 1, in this game. Michael is a retired bank robber looking to get back in the game; Franklin is a small-time crook looking for bigger crimes; and Trevor is a troubled, strung out military veteran. Control all three in interlocking crime missions.

The Entertainment

It’s sounding like the hobbies in this game will really set it apart as a bigger experience than predecessors. Are you a fan of action sports like bungee jumping and jet skiiing? Your character can enjoy these hobbies in Los Santos. Enjoy a tennis match now and then? Your character can find an opponent to play. And, if you enjoy a bit of online gambling at Betfair now and then, you may be able to translate your skills to GTA V, as rumor has it casinos may be back in the franchise for the first time in 9 years!

The Vehicles

To begin with, car handling is said to be much more realistic in the new game. Additionally, however, the number of vehicles you’ll be able to drive is staggering. Remember when finding a boat in GTA III was exciting? In GTA V, you’ll be able to drive cars, motorbikes of all kinds, ATVs, jet skis, commercial planes, helicopters, and even fighter jets!

The Fun Perks

GTA games are flat out littered with fun perks and effects, so there’s no way this list can be complete. Most noteworthy, however, is the enormous development of being able to swim, scuba, and generally explore the ocean. Naturally, this will expand the world of Los Santos even further.

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