Video Game Fantasy League Update: May 2012

dragon age

For rules and draft results, see here.

The inaugural season of the Video Game Fantasy League started with a bang.  Eight whole points were scored in the league’s first month.

Dragon Age 3 (Team Phegan) – 5 points for being delayed.  Who didn’t see this one coming?  These points almost shouldn’t count.  When it comes to shenanigans, Bioware’s got that shit on lockdown.  Dragon Age 3 is sure to feature at least three bisexual orgies, conclude with a ridiculously long-winded ending that tries to make up for Mass Effect 3 but which spawns eighteen fan petitions anyway, and win five VGA’s.

Diablo 3 (Team Koz) – 3 points for being released broken and in need of a patch.  An ostensibly single-player game requires a persistent server connection.  What could possibly go wrong?  The Internet always works properly, right guys?  There’s some definite potential for a few sales-based points here, too.

May Waivers

Each team chose one more game in reverse order of the standings.  Listen to it firsthand on Episode 92 of the D Pad D Bags podcast.

Team McAnus: Black Ops 2.  Kyle’s abandoned his strategy of building his team around games with colons in their titles, shifting instead to the famous “Ops” gambit.  It’s a risk, albeit a calculated one.
Remaining Roster: SpecOps: The Line, Fable: The Journey

Team YachtCaptain: Assassin’s Creed 3.  3’s dominated scoring in the league’s first month; that trend should continue with my selection of Ubisoft’s controversy machine.
Remaining Roster: Lollipop Chainsaw, Borderlands 2

Team Koz: Grand Theft Auto 5.  Ever watch a waiver selection and just think to yourself “Fuck.  I should’ve done that?”  GTA5 is the definite steal of the league thus far.
Remaining Roster: Max Payne 3, Diablo 3

Team Phegan: Halo 4.  Surely a pick made purely on sales and award potential; the Halo series is not known for causing kerfuffles.  Although, with Bungie out of the way and a new developer at the helm, there’s always a chance the Chief turns out to be in the woman a la Samus Aran and scores a  cool 5 points for a homosexual romance scene with Cortana.
Remaining Roster: Dragon Age 3, Sim City 5


Team Phegan: 5 points
Team Koz: 3 points
Team McAnus: bupkus
Team YachtCaptain: jack squat

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