Tweets of the Week – Call of Duty: Ghosts

Tweets of the week is making it triumphant return, and what better game to return with, Call of Duty: Ghosts. If you like terrible English, nerd rage and angry girlfriends, this is the game for you. If you are new to this feature, we take to the “twitterverse” and find the best tweets for various games, and bring them right to you. No longer do you need to search twitter for the vulgarity, poor grammar and caps lock, we do it for you. Sit back, enjoy this week’s edition of Tweets of the Week and feel free to respond to these people. If you found a better tweet, or you think one of your tweets is worth making Tweets of the week, please, tweet us @dpaddbags, we love to hear them all.

Nathan Fisher @_NF97_

Dads had a day off work, one day, and he’s completed MY call of duty ghosts. What a lad

I say: Is completing your call of duty ghosts anything like accidentally the whole thing? If so, I am not sure I want anything to do with this.

harpers ❤ momma. @emilyx3mae

Now that my boyfriend got Call of Duty: Ghosts, I may as well just consider him imaginary for the next several weeks. #yousuck ♥

I say: You have two options, you could either be a nice girlfriend and bring him a sandwich while he plays, or you could seduce him away from the game, and while he is distracted, hide it, and claim to know nothing about it. #getyourmanback

@ImHollowPoint Bitches call my dick Call of Duty : Ghosts because its overrated, boring and played with by 12 year old boys.

I say: Pardon me sir, but was that just a confession of child molestation? I hope the proper authorities have been notified. I must say though, the best way to pick up the ladies is to tell them your penis is boring.

Cory Hamilton @CoryHamilton12

College resume: I beat Call of Duty Ghosts in three days…

I say: I am sure that will put you at the top of school’s applications, you should be receiving acceptance letters any day now. If not, you can always get a job at GameStop, I am sure they would actually consider that a skill.

SonnyD @d7officialuk

Too many man on call of duty ghosts who camp + play shit. #getgood

I say: I remember the days of Quake when people would camp. We would just find them an kill them…over, and over and over, until they left the server or stopped camping. So to you sir, I recommend #getgood.

John. @BigJuanASP

If I have any friends out there who would buy me Call of Duty: Ghosts until I can pay you back I will love them forever

I say: This whole internet panhandling thing doesn’t seem to be working out for you, have you attempted to ask for change outside of a 7-11? I think that will give you a better ROI.

Domonique Vuitton @Domo_Vuitton


I say: I think your caps lock is on.

Cameron Glover @Cameron_Glover1

Me dads just seen the advert for call of duty ghosts.. His words “absolute garbage” ! He’s obviously never had a bash

I say: I am not sure what you mean by bash, but I don’t think that word means what you think it means. I am also not sure what definition of bash would cause someone to like Call of Duty: Ghosts.

Ross Adamson @RandomRossi

Even the advert for Call of Duty: Ghosts gives me motion sickness & blah fatigue. I’d never survive the full game. #GettingOld

I say: It happens to the best of us, can’t stay young forever. Next step, yelling at kids to get off your lawn. #DamnKids


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