Tweets of the Week: The Last of Us

Word on the street is this The Last of Us thing is good. It lives up to the Naughty Dog pedigree and then some. What does Twitter think?

I say: Tears? Wrong game, you silly goose! That’s Bioshock Infinite!

@Babylonian says: The Last of Us does men crying better than any game ever has. their dudes-holding-back-tears tech is seriously on point
I say: In an era when so many games have been defined by their breast physics, this new technology you speak of is a breath of fresh air. Even though it’s useless for boobs.

@GoodGuyAbraham says: Now that I beat the last of us, I don’t know what to do with my life.
I say: I could use a pedicure.

@rhians_hope says: someone invite me over to play “the last of us” i will bring pizza.
I say: Bribery will get you everywhere.

@Ken_Gboii says: When I see people mention the last of us I get it confused with this is the end
I say: The Emma Watson DLC comes out in a few months.

@Jolley_Man says: Just finished the Last of Us. Phenomenal game. Prob shit myself at the sound of clicks now. Damn clickers!
I say: If you and I were friends, you’d really hate me by now. And you’d need some new undies.

@Hamas_Ahmed1 says: The last of us occasionally makes me poop my pants
I say: I think you and @Jolley_Man should be pals.

@taylor_downey says: The Last of Us is stressing me out. Infected people hiding behind things and running at me, not cool.
I say: Oh, please! That sounds like the MBTA on a Tuesday! You ain’t seen scary ass infected until you’ve taken public transportation to work five days a week for ten years.

@HollanderCooper says: Pretty sure The Last of Us is a prequel to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. Awaiting confirmation.
I say: Confirmed.

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