Tweets of the Week: Playstation 4

The next-generation console wars have been kicked into full swing thanks to Sony’s press conference this Wednesday. Is Twitter ready for the Playstation 4? You’d better believe it!

@dmoren says: I predict that years from now I’ll still be waking up in a cold sweat from nightmares of the endless parade of PlayStation 4 developers.
I say: If only you could press a share button on the bedpost and show everyone.

@jessevondoom says: Are there kids excited about PlayStation 4 or is it just 30-something upper middle class dudes?
I say: At one point I got really confused and thought I might have been watching the Republican National Convention. I like game developers. Game developers have provided me with hours of fun over the years. Game developers should not be giving presentations.

@LexWalk says: Blah blah blah PlayStation 4 blah blah faster blah blah more social blah blah NO BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY. Blah blah WTF Sony?#TechFail #PS4
I say: The whole presentation was quite thin on details people actually care about. The new graphics are pretty and I’m sure the social features will find an audience, but information about what we really care about–the price of the console and its games, its compatibility with used games, and whether we can trick it out with swag face plates–was strangely absent from the presentation.

@xJennaxLxC says: Actually really want a playstation 4… I was the dogs dangly bits at Crash Bandicoot!
I say: Perfect. I will be using you to get me through the hard parts of any new Crash games I play.

@SilvaRado says: Sony says the new controller for PlayStation 4 can also be used as a contraceptive with no modifications at all. No sex is safe sex
I say: Word on the street is it’s also good for abortions. The pro-life lobby is going to be pissed.

@rickheaton says: I think if you’re going to title your article “Playstation 4 revealed” it’s reasonable to expect a pic of… ya know.. a PS4.
I say: I’m pretty sure this press conference was planned by the same production company behind all those Bigfoot shows. I’m just glad there were no attempts to coax the PS4 out onto stage with ridiculous mating calls.

@frawlzfans says: You’re moaning about the name PlayStation 4 name being “bland” ?!?! What did you want it to be called the PlayStation 4000 titan destroyer?
I say: I wanted it to be called Layin’ Down By the Fire with Scarlett Johansson, but apparently that didn’t focus group very well.

@Wilsond83 says: Just seen the trailer for watchdog game on playstation 4. Well shit in my hat and punch it. Different class. #watchdoggame.
I say: Sounds squishy.

@Diggory_Waite says: Don’t mean to be hipster, but i was going on about Watch Dogs before this PlayStation 4 announcement. #JustSayin
I say: Got a hat?

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