Tweets of the Week: Metro: Last Light

Oh, hey! It’s a new shooter! And a sequel at that! And it sounds kind of cool, except for some poor DLC decisions! Tweets of the Week fodder? You betcha!

@WiseNate says: Rented Metro Last Light…couldn’t bring myself to give money to a company that wants $5 for a difficulty setting.
I say: It’s worse when you consider that the aforementioned Ranger Mode is supposedly “the way the game is meant to be played.” There are some things you just don’t charge extra for; a difficulty mode is one of those things.

@DarthRahu says: Wow. There is nudity here. And the news isn’t yelling bloody murder. Not sure if gratuitous though… #metrolastlight
I say: Shhhhhhhhh. They’re distracted by Kim Kardashian’s floral print dress. Talk about something that should’ve been DLC.

@BongHits4Pope says: If a girl was to buy me Metro: Last Light when it comes out tomorrow i’d probably buy you the biggest ring ever and propose. #JustSaying
I say: I hope the future Mrs. BongHits appreciates that rock.

@Andrew_Reiner says: There’s a scene in Metro: Last Light where my character is tortured for information. HE’S A SILENT PROTAGONIST! He’ll never give anything up
I say: This is probably the most insightful tweet in Tweets of the Week history. We’re talking a little over a year and a half here, folks. Maybe it’s a “one blink for yes, two blinks for no” situation.

@AuraBlueK says: I want to make a song inspired by Metro: Last Light, something very atmospheric, but with lots of emotion, and cool beans
I say: Hot beans would just ruin the song completely.

I say: I bet I know what Papa Cookiesss is getting for Father’s Day!

@MT_Richardson says: Welp, Metro: Last Light just activated. I’ll see you guys in a few days. Where’s my spare pants?
I say: Pants! Pants? Poppycock! There’s a reason the Good Lord made Big Gulp cups so large. If that’s not intelligent design, I don’t know what is!

@AParkerConnell says: Metro Last Light is less frightening when your friend is blasting Lady Gaga. Thanks @jackmarso #MarryTheNight
I say: I know the feeling. I was only able to get through Gremlins 2 for the Game Boy with the help of Billy Joel’s “River of Dreams” album.

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