Tweets of the Week: Guacamelee!

The bastard love child of Rey Mysterio and Samus Aran who spends his entire day browsing Reddit memes has hit the Playstation Network. What does Twitter think of Drinkbox’s Guacamelee?

@gamespite says: Guacamelee hits PSN tomorrow, which gives me 24 hours to figure out what the heck I did with my Vita charger.
I say: I imagine this happened to a lot of people. Unless you’re hopelessly addicted to MLB: The Show like yours truly, there hasn’t been much reason to fire up the Vita since Gravity Rush.

@sparkyclarkson says: Oh hey Guacamelee is out, isn’t it? I guess I know what I’m playing this weekend… That’s right – Playstation System Update!
I say: It’s the most satisfying game of all. No fetch quests, no money grubbing DLC, and the only way you can possibly lose if your console explodes in the middle of it. Good times.

@iphowlett says: And of course I’ve spelt that wrong. Guacamelee isn’t in my spell checker just yet
I say: If Clippy were still around, that shit would never happen.

I say:

@neomonki says: Had a nice evening with mom and sister. But they’ve left which means #GUACAMELEE TIME!!!!! *takes off pants*
I say: Personally, I prefer the support of a nice pair of pants whilst gaming, but to each his own.

@KittedMoose says: Game reviewers, when writing about Guacamelee, I challenge you not to use the ridiculous term “Metroidvania”. Try it.
I say: At least we don’t have to deal with “Castroid.”

@gageaz says: don’t worry everyone, i can confirm that Guacamelee is fun as FUCK
I say: But just how fun is FUCK? Is FUCK more fun than SHIT? What about HELL? And how do we square this with other games that have been described as “the titties?” I’m so confused.

@stevenstorm says: Now EXCUSE ME as I eat these once-frozen burritos while watching Top Gear on Netflix and playing Guacamelee like a modern day Caligula.
I say: I think you and the no pants guy should be friends.

@SackOfWonder says: I couldn’t afford Guacamelee so i just hired a smelly man in a fedora to shriek “GET IT!?GET IT!?! DO YOU GET IT!?” In my ear for 12 hours
I say: You’re giving me flashbacks to my time in the cafeteria at PAX East. Please stop.

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  • gageaz

    i’m actually kind of honored to have confused you so, and now i’ll probably be reading this website and WAIT WAS THAT YOUR PLAN

  • YachtCaptainColby

    You fell for it hook, line, and sinker! Mission accomplished.