Tweets of the Week: Gears of War: Judgment

The Gears are back, this time in a prequel starring series fourth wheel Baird. What does Twitter think of all the courtroom drama and macho gunplay?

@TimGNorman says: Very carefully not telling my housemate that Gears of War Judgment is out today.
I say: What you really mean is the bathroom’s dirty and it’s not your turn to clean it. Well played, sir. I hope your little ruse was rewarded with a spotless commode.

@HollieB says: I am so excited for Gears of War Judgment. Chicks dig the Baird.
I say: When there are no long balls to be had, the Baird is a suitable replacement.

@GlitchRUIZ says: Having a shit load of fun on that Gears Of War Judgment. #gears #war #tacobellswag
I say: Finally, proof that the Locust are full of Doritos and plastic-y cheese!

@BrettEnquist says: Bustin’ ass so I can play @GearsofWar #Judgment. Pure gaming fat mode will be in action tonight. I earned it jogging the mail :)
I say: Sounds like you earned it. Fat the night right up, my friend!

@xExpeditionOne says: haha ps3 doesnt get gears of war judgment
I say: Neither does the Dreamcast! That’s right, I went there. You are too easy of a target, Sega.

@TheRhatigan says: Who has Gears of War Judgment and wants to talk shit on 6th graders with me?
I say: I prefer second semester community college attendees myself, but whatever floats your boat!

@UnabashedGamer says: Gears of War Judgment comes out tomorrow usurping my brain and balls with gallons of testosterone. “Look at all that juice!”
I say: Please put down a tarp. Nobody wants that on their couch. Even Febreze won’t fix that.

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