Tweets of the Week: GameStop, Once More

My contract with D Pad D Bags explicitly states that they’ll trade me in for $15 and a copy of Soul Calibur 3 if I don’t mine Twitter for funny GameStop comments every six months or so.

@4stringKen says: I want to go to gamestop. I cannot go to gamestop. I am a sad Ken. #Winewhyyoumakedrivinghard
I say: Sad Ken should wait to start drinking until he’s in GameStop then try to trade in a half-empty bottle of pinot noir for Battletoads.

@Yo_Uncle_Hoe says: Its funny that my love for basketball started because I only had 5 dollars to spend in Gamestop
@Duh_filipino808 says: Someone come to gamestop and lend me 3 dollars! Ahhhhhh!
I say: Sounds like someone’s a couple bucks short of loving basketball. Maybe you could start with cricket or handball.

@ssamichelle says: Had an interview at Gamestop…asked me what I was proud of…my reply “I make awesome sandwiches”. At least I was honest.
I say: I’d hire you. Sandwich making skills ain’t nothing to throw shade at.

@Joebert_881 says: Lol at ex frat boy at GameStop, you used to be hot in HS didn’t you? Well your just like me now fat boy!
I say: And the great circle of life is complete once again.

@the_moviebob says: My shirt today has Shigeru Miyamoto’s face on it. Clerk at GameStop: “is that Kim Jong Il?” He was NOT young enough for that to be okay. WTF
I say: There should be a basic video game knowledge test administered to all GameStop applicants. I’d include recognizing various gaming celebrities as part of it. After all, you can’t tell Curt Schilling to go back to Rhode Island if you can’t identify him first. Imagine the Twitter rant you’d inspire by confusing Curt with Cliffy B!

@Robert_Yeahh says: We saw his nipples at GameStop!
I say: There are certain body parts you just don’t want to see at your local video game boutique. Those are definitely at the top of the list.

@PrinceReliable says: Buying games at Gamestop is as awkward as buying condoms at a drugstore.
I say: You ain’t seen nothing until you go to the drug store and try to trade used condoms in for credit toward a fresh box.

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