Tweets of the Week: Far Cry 3

Far Cry 3 is, supposedly, Skyrim with guns. That might be a bit of an oversimplification, but you do the best you can with 144 characters. These Far Cry fans did their best. Some of them even left a few characters on the table. Talk about efficiency!

@JeffPancerz says: I’m going to have to start harvesting random peoples organs tonight so I can buy far cry 3 tomorrow.. That game looks epic! #cantwait
I say: I always figured it was only a matter of time before GameStop started taking body parts in trade. I just hope the liver I buy from them doesn’t depreciate by 50% in a week like my copy of Halo 4 did.

@Willis_D says: Far Cry 3 has some long dang credits. fucking hell
I say: Betsy from accounting needs her due. And that guy that delivered coffee once? He’s just as important as the lead developer. And those executives who get their own lines? Much more important than anyone who actually programmed the thing. Have some patience, sit quietly, and read every last letter of those credits, you ungrateful sod.

@kateburning says:  If I’d have known d-bag tribal tattoos were so integral to Far Cry 3, I wouldn’t have bought it.
I say: Maybe there’s a special ink-less edition in the pipeline.

@ekfight says: Picked some flowers. Shot an alligator. Swan dove off a bride into a river. Hung out with a pig #FarCry3
I say: Sounds like a typical Tuesday afternoon at D Pad D Bags headquarters–although the pig is sick of us all.

@SlyFoxHound says: Thanks for the porn farcry3!
I say: Worst. Casting couch video. Ever.

@Robinson669 says: @bamfwyatt124 yoo watch far cry 3 stranded trailer it’ll give you a fucking boner
I say: Note to self: do not watch Far Cry 3 trailer in the living room whilst wearing sweatpants.

@The_Fervent says: I just texted Santa. I told him chocolate milk stouts & Snickers PB Squared’s for Far Cry 3. I got you this year, big man!
I say: You know he shares all that food people leave out with the reindeer, right? Are you trying to give Blitzen the shits?

@Mrmoschetto says: Far cry 3, horse head mask, Santa clause costumes. Merry Christmas self.
I say: Sounds like someone’s about to scare the pants off a few kids in the mall.

@smoreninja says: If the trailers for Far Cry 3 tells me anything it is that the one guy is very excited about reading a dictionary.
I say: Literature’s a tough thing to come by on a remote island full of pirates. You have to take whatever you can get. It was either Webster’s or 50 Shades of Gray. I believe the proper choice was made.

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