Tweets of the Week: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Hankering for a dose of the 80s? Do you head down to your local watering hole every Thursday night to wallow in the sweet sounds of INXS and Ah-ha while leering at every set of leg warmers that strolls past? Don’t bother! Far Cry 3’s standalone DLC expansion, the rather ominously titled Blood Dragon, brings the 80s back with a vengeance. What’s Twitter got to say about that?

@Trevorshoaff says: @RyanFASHOO okay. Look up this is far cry 3: blood dragon. Prepare your keyboard for massive amounts of drool.
I say: Hi, Phil Swift here! Everyone knows Flex Seal is the easy way to coat, seal, and stop drool fast. Does a new video game have your saliva glands working over time? One easy application of Flex Seal to your keyboard will keep your spacebar dry and your WASD working like a charm! And look, now your keyboard even floats!

@phrequencyviii says: Well, I was going to get Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon on comp, but uPlay makes me hurl. Xbox it is. Seriously, uPlay sucks. DRM in your DRM DAWG
I say: How are game companies supposed to stop people from stealing their DRM if they don’t put DRM in it?

@LikChan says: Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon impressions so far. Excellent. Basically FC3 with a badass instead of a douche and awesome retro sci-fi setting.
I say: I can just picture the Ubisoft board meeting now: “we want more Far Cry 3, except with fewer douches.”

@wherbit says: People always call and tell me it’s beautiful outside. Y’know what’s fucking beautiful? Far Cry 3: BLOOD DRAGON.
I say: Seriously though, how many things as pretty as Blood Dragon only cost $15?

@ryanmwilson: And then: KITTEN PARTY! (And prob more far cry 3 blood dragon outside of kitten party) :p
I say: Why aren’t you giving the kittens a chance to play? PETA’s going to be pissed.

I say: I got nothing.

@WyattHoadley says: @Ubisoft, is it cool if I get far cry 3: blood dragon for free? I’m just poor boy, nobody loves me. Im just a poor boy, from a poor family.
I say: Please, Ubisoft, spare him his life from this monstrosity!

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