Tweets of the Week: E3

What the heck else did you think we were going to feature? Maybe we’ll get to The Last of Us next week, unless people are still making Xbox One jokes. I’m not sure those will ever get old.

@CrikeyDave says: I’m really beginning to think we’re not gonna get any E3 coverage of the Wonderbook.
I say: Sad face. One of gaming’s brightest lights is being shunted aside like last month’s issue of Game Informer. Oh, Wonderbook; we hardly knew ya!

@brutalmoose says: I was really hoping the next N-Gage would be at E3. Maybe next year…
I say: I hear the next N-Gage is going to be at PAX Prime in the booth between Sega Saturn 2 and Return of Seaman.

@iopenedmyeye says: Why do people from work ask me about Putin/Russia? Bitch, I’m in my PJ’s & Halo shirt watching #E3 – do you think I’ve a fuck to give?
I say: It’s good to have priorities. Putin’s a bland, emotionless tough guy with no personality, and Master Chief’s…errrr, never mind.

@ilmilanisti86_ says: Well there was no way in hell we were gonna get through an #e3 without some annoying kids on screen.
I say: They have a union, and believe you me when I say you do not want to piss them off. There are some wedgies and purple nurples you just can’t forget no matter how many years of therapy you attend.

@starwart1 says: If anyone wants to know how badly Sony destroyed Microsoft at E3 yesterday, turn on the #SpursVsHeat game right now.
I say: To be fair, NBA 2K14 sucked out Lebron’s soul and left nothing behind for the real thing.

@transpanik says: After @Sony’s baller @playstation presentation at #E3, my xboner went soft. #Step1
I say: They make a pill for that, but it only works if it can connect to Microsoft’s servers once a day. Hope you like shoving CAT5 up your ass! The wireless dongle costs extra.

@Till_AllAre_One says: The reason Master Chief wore a cloak in the Halo 5 reveal was because Sony put him out of a job and he became homeless #halo5 #e3 #microsoft

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