Tweets of the Week: DmC: Devil May Cry

Ninja Theory’s Devil May Cry reboot is finally here, and it’s got social media in an uproar. Kind of. Ok, so there’s just a few people talking about it, but they’re saying some good stuff. Quality over quantity, right?

@laurenrene says: I love that #DMC pokes fun at the hipster Devil May Cry fans who think they’re too good for the new game.
I say: Dante with a PBR and a plastic mustache on a stick? Shit, that’s worse than changing the color of his hair! But on a more serious note, I find the fan vitriol toward this reboot very interesting. Are the benefits of brand recognition–the whole point of a reboot, really–not worth the negative response often triggered in longtime fans? I’m not sure, but I’m intrigued.

@hlprmnky says: I really enjoy the new Devil May Cry demo, but I wonder – is Dante *cosplaying* Ezio? Does the DMC world have “gamer chic”, Ezio hoodies?
I say: Maybe Dante’s a hipster, too. Maybe everybody’s a hipster. I don’t know anymore.

@RinDarkcrest says: My thoughts on DmC…Devil May Cry, I did too, because it sucked. It was like playing Inception.
I say: I could see JGL pulling off Dante. If you had told me ten years ago that I was going to write such a thing about the kid from Third Rock from the Sun, I would’ve punched you in the mouth.

@stephencly says: Devil May Cry Son of Sparda mode, go fuck yourself you tough son of a bitch. #DmC #sonofspardamode
I say: 
Son of Sparda mode? Don’t Son of Sparda mode me, son! Go solo Bubble Bobble, then we’ll talk–unless, of course, the ghost whale sends you running for your blanket.

@CaV1E says: Hopefully today I get my review copy of DmC: Devil May Cry. THEN IT’S ON. Like a nephilim smoking a bong. Err…
I say: Thought you were heading for Donkey Kong, then you took a bit of a u-turn. Points for originality.

@SuperMonkForever says: Holy hell… the Bob Barker boss fight well stay in my mind for quite some time. #DmC
I say: Sounds like someone really, really wanted to play Plink-O and got a bit pissed when Cliff Hangers was wheeled out instead. THE PRICE IS WRONG, BOB!

@MelonieMac says: While DmC is really good so far, I’m not digging Vergil’s Ken doll haircut.
I say: Initially the designers gave him Tank Girl’s ‘do, but that didn’t fly very well with the focus groups.

@00GundamTanaka says: Whenever I see an ad for the new DmC game I just wanna upend tables and chuck chair s
I say: Unleash your inner Steve Ballmer. It’s ok.

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