Tweets of the Week: Dead Space 3

Isaac Clarke’s back to take on the Necromorphs, and this time he’s got a coop partner. Twitter is my coop partner. It always watches my back and revives me without much fuss, but that bastard always takes the machine gun. I want the machine gun. Just once.

@keltar93 says: Just read up on Dead Space 3’s microtransactions. Still want to play it, but that’s pretty insulting EA.
I say: Our sentiments exactly. Maybe, if modern games have become so expensive to produce that developers have to nickel and dime us to death to turn a profit, it’s time to make modern games in a more cost-effective manner.

@CZP135 says: Dead space 3 day. Rules are that it must be played in the dark and that it must be played with headphones. Let the terror begin #DeadSpace3
I say: I’m glad it’s not Homefront day. When it comes to putting your schlong in a bear trap, once is enough.

@moz912 says: Damn you Dead Space 3, I don’t remember those dead fuckers being so fast last time
I say: Remember when games used to come with instruction manuals that included images and descriptions of all the enemies? I’m picturing one that lists all the details about dead fuckers, dead assholes, dead bastards, and dead sons of bitches. It’s the world’s first M-rated instruction manual!

@chero666 says: as a co-op game, Dead Space 3 is really damn fun (though clucky). As a horror game… hahaahahahahaha… that is all.
I say: The prevailing sentiment seems to be that the latest Dead Space has lost a little of the terror that made the first two titles special. Most of the sequels released in the last year have generated similar responses. I’m not sure if this is because the developers are trying to make their big name titles appear to a broader audience or if we as fans are becoming pickier. I suspect it’s a combination of the two.

@SawTown says: So it begins. Dead Space 3 with the boys. I am terrified by the main menu. Shit.
I say: If you think that’s scary, wait until you see the pause screen.

@davereid149 says: Dead space 3 advert has Phil Collins song but lacks drum playing gorilla #disappointing
I say: The gorilla was turned into a Necromorph with five heads and talons made out of drumsticks.

@w4rt0rtle says: I wanna buy Valentine gifts but BioShock Infinite and Dead Space 3…
I say: It’s good to have priorities, but in this case I think you can have your overpriced heart-shaped candy and eat it, too. Buy the Dead Space 3 Dev Team Edition and give away the parts of it you don’t want as gifts!

@DICK_TOO_B0MB says: dead space 3 comes out in 5 hours IM EXCITED BUT NERVOUS CLENCHES BUTTHOLE SO TIGHT
I say: Careful, that’s a great way to strain something you really don’t want to strain. Proper stretching is key. Five sets of eight two-second clenches every day will keep you nice and limber and ready for the next big release.

@Noah_Tre says: Dead Space 1 made me horny. Dead Space 2 made me hard. Hopefully Dead Space 3 makes me cum. 😉
I say: Sounds like someone’s had one hell of a case of blue balls for the last few years. At least it was due to Dead Space and not Half-Life…

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