Tweets of the Week: Battletoads

In a time of year devoid of new releases and entertaining gaming news in general (face it, no one on Twitter is saying anything all that interesting about CES), we turn to an oldy but goody for our weekly social media extravaganza: Battletoads. On Rash! On Zitz! On Pimple! Great, now I feel like I need some Proactiv.

@MarauderShield: If Miicrosoft was smart they’d make a new battletoads for the next Xbox
I say: Sounds like a great launch title to me! Imagine the joys of driving the infamous level three sleds with Kinect controls!

@thefuntyrant says: DID YOU KNOW? The only good Battletoads game a) wasn’t made by Rare? b) was called “Bucky O’Hare”?
I say: Did you know the only good Bucky O’Hare game was actually called Mirror’s Edge?

@peterdragontail says: Anybody that complains about their life being hard has clearly never played Battletoads for SNES
I say: True dat. We’ve got it easy in real life. Rash, Zitz, and Pimple? They’re hardcore.

@Macksper says: Make a mega man X vs battletoads game somebody
I say: I’d also like to suggest Battletoads vs. Kinectimals, Battletoads vs. Kingdoms of Amalur, and Battletoads vs. Cooking Mama.

@otcalex says: my mom said she got me battletoads for christmas I opened the box and it was two dead frogs in tiny suits of armor
I say: Hope she gave you the gift receipt. Sounds like you’ve got $10 coming your way from Ocean State Job Lot!

@JPrettyontop says: If I was a turtle I’d be dead by now but no baby I’m a Battletoad!#Battletoads
I say: I don’t know about that. The animal with the armored shell probably wins out.

@wildDIONappears says: I’ve seen Zits of the Battletoads fight Leonardo of the TMNT. Leonardo won that shit.
I say: See!

@GretelWilson says: I really wanna call Best Buy and see if they have Harry Potter and the Order of the Battletoads.
I say: Give it a whirl. While you’re at it, see if they’ll match K-Mart’s low price.

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