Thoughts On a Lego Future, or Is There Anything You Can’t Build?

I was at New York Comic Con this year, and Lego hosted a huge booth. They of course featured a bunch of those sets with the pieces that your feet find at 2:30 on the way to the bathroom, and several buckets of tiny color separated Lego pieces in buckets which I ran my hands through, contemplating making the world’s largest tower of little tiny Legos (what can I say, I am easily amused). One thing really caught my eye, though: a bunch of ads for the upcoming Lego games from developer Traveller’s Tales. Looks like we’re getting DC Heroes (no shock here), Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (nine-year-old me was REALLY excited about this), Marvel Super-Heroes (mostly featuring the Avengers from the movie), and as previously announced, Lord of the Rings.

Yeah, I know a lot of “serious” gamers don’t consider the Lego games when they make purchases. I do, and for a few reasons. First off, they are fun, and they manage to stay fun even though they are undeniably repetitive. Second off, I can play them with my wife. She’s no fan of FPS or fighting games, but Lego stuff is right up her alley. We’ve played Lego games even if neither of us enjoyed the subject matter they were based on (looking at you, Harry Potter), and we still enjoyed them. This got me thinking: is there anything that Traveller’s Tales can’t Lego? Here are a few of my ideas for things I’d like to see. Since Lego games tend to be long, I’m combining some franchises.

Lego Friday the 13th and Lego Nightmare on Elm Street – I can’t be the only one who would love to see this. We get everyone’s favorite modern day movie monsters slashing through the Lego torsos of fairly interchangeable teenagers and adults. Plus, who doesn’t want to hear “Dream Warriors” by Dokken or “He’s Back (The Man Behind the Mask)” by Alice Cooper blasting through the soundtrack? The game can culminate with–what else–an epic showdown between Freddy and Jason. Added bonuses: Unlockable Alice Cooper and Don Dokken Legos who fight using clips from their songs as sonic attacks.

Lego The Twilight Zone – Stay with me on this one. In glorious black and white, Lego Rod Serling (unlockable, of course) leads us through tales of the Lego Twilight Zone. Imagine getting to build and destroy all your favorite classic Twilight Zone tales. We’d certainly have to deal with the complaints of fans who’s favorite episodes didn’t make the cut, but hey, sequels!

Lego Rocky Horror Picture Show – The first all-Lego musical! Don’t dream it, build it! Also, Lego Meatloaf! What more can you want? Oh, you want more? Legos in drag! Musical montages! Maybe a bonus board on the transsexual planet of Transylvania will appease you.

But by far, the ultimate Lego series I would like to see is:

Lego: The Movies of Monty Python – Imagine playing as King Arthur as you “ride” across the English countryside with your coconut banging sidekick at your side (and how did he get those coconuts anyway? Did a swallow carry them?). Fight off the taunts of the French! Fight the killer bunny! Then, feed that fat guy until he explodes Lego studs! Sail with the men of the Crimson Permanent Assurance! Help Brian escape the angry mob! Avoid laughing at Biggus Dickus! And as an unlockable bonus: Jesus from “Life of Brian” and God from “The Holy Grail!” It would be a game of truly biblical proportions!

Now, by all of the above you may conclude two things: one is that I am completely insane (you would be correct), and two is that I am happy with all aspects of the Lego games. On that point, you would be incorrect.

I’d love to see better multiplayer modes in this game. The split screen needs to go away when the two characters are in the same screen. I’ve had multiple problems across multiple platforms with the games crashing, usually right after performing a difficult task that involves building and destroying several things. Also, Lego, give dedicated fans a real shock by letting us switch characters BEFORE the end of the game. With these improvements, I truly feel Traveller’s Tales can Lego ANYTHING…and I’ll welcome it.

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