The Week In Games: Gaming + Sports = Failure

With the release of the Tomb Raider reboot, the web is awash with love for the new Lara Croft. Here are some stories that hid in her shadow.


Here’s some sad news for sports enthusiasts everywhere: IGN cancelled the 6th installment of its pro league. In more obvious news, the only people who noticed or cared are the contestants and their moms. Who watches this?

I love video games and I love sports, but I do not at all understand what’s exciting about watching people play video games professionally.

Seeing Lebron dunk in someone’s face is just a little bit more exciting then watching someone move some Zerglings around. And apparently I’m not the only one who thinks that way.


With the rousing success of the their Wasteland II kick, inXile “rolled the dice” again and struck gold. Just kidding– they didn’t roll the dice at all. This is probably the safest way to raise money for making a game. They turned out the quickest million in Kickstarter history with Torment: Tides of Numenera, their “spiritual successor” to Planescape: Torment that’s actually set in another pen and paper world that already exists (or something). At this point, their funding goal of $900,000 has been almost doubled and their campaign still has a whole month left to go.

Does anyone remember the last RPG these guys made? Think back to 2011. Does a game called Hunter: The Demon’s Forge ring a bell? No? That’s because it sucked.

I guess it doesn’t matter; they don’t need to convince publishers to invest in their games anymore.


Valve’s bizarre looking mascot revealed to the BBC that the Steam box the internet has been buzzing about will start testing in a few months.

He’s been pretty outspoken about how no one is stepping up against Apple and seems to think Valve can beat them to the punch in modernizing our living rooms. I’m pretty interested to see how this turns out.

But I’d be REALLY interested if it was actually powered by steam.


Check this shit out. Joe Ybarra, co-founder of megacorp EA, broke off to launch his own company: Joe Got Game. And how will this establisher of the AAA blockbuster fund his next endeavor?

Crowd sourcing. One of the founders of corporate big-budget gaming can’t find someone to invest in his “indie” game?

Give me a break.

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