The Top Five Bioware Romance Options

A Bioware RPG just wouldn’t be a Bioware RPG without a heavy dose of romance. Giving the player a choice of potential lovers creates an additional sense of attachment hard to replicate with a preordained courtship. The following five characters are your best bets for a virtual romantic encounter you won’t soon forget.

“In truth, for a chance to be by your side I would storm the dark city itself. Never doubt it.”

5. Zevran, Dragon Age: Origins – The silver-tongued Antivan Crow is quite the charmer. This is the guy you want as your wingman when you cruise the Hanged Man for action on a Saturday night. If you’re into elves, you can’t find one with a better sense of humor or a bigger collection of tall tales. He might seem a bit crass and overly focused on the physical side of his relationship with the Warden at first, but Zevran’s awkward responses to questions of true love reveal that he’s got a heart after all.

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