The Five Worst Gaming Characters for Cosplay

Following Irrational’s recruitment of Moscow-based cosplayer Anna Moleva as the official face of Bioshock Infinite’s Elizabeth, dressing up as your favorite character might seem like a good way to work your way into the gaming industry. If you’re an attractive lady who happens to look just like a popular heroine, you might be right. If, however, your best option is one of the five following characters, you should probably save yourself the embarrassment and just skip it.

5. Voldo, Soul Calibur series – Voldo, essentially, is Edward Scissorhands sporting the bandage outfit made famous by Leeloo from The Fifth Element, then mixed up with a whole bunch of what-the-fuck and served slightly chilled with a dash of oh-shit-stay-away. Multipass? Not quite. Start with not being able to see, eat, or speak. Combine that with the fact that you’re going to be really fucking cold. I don’t care how good you think you look in a cod piece, cosplaying as Voldo is a bad idea.

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  • Jimmy Lin

    Actually there are tribes that do put their penis in a horn in real life.

  • Denver

    As much as i like Trip she is far from perfect especially if you are looking for a strong heroine, also, did you seriously just tell someone not to cosplay because of their looks?!?!? How shallow are you?