The Best Spots from PAX East 2012

It’s been another year and the dust has settled from what has become one of Boston’s largest conventions. Many have given their opinions on the best spots from this year’s PAX East.  We here at D Pad D Bags consider ourselves experts on the topic.  We discovered our talent during last year’s PAX, and I strongly feel this year’s list proves our dominance over others in the field.

  • The best spot to play a PC tournament

Tucked away in a corner of the PC room was a nondescript terminal. Our sources told us this particular machine won 75% of all the matches played on it. Sometimes making connections can help you find a good spot.

  • The best spot to grab a bite to eat, maybe a $10 beer or $5 soda

In the upstairs cafeteria inside the food court we were able to find a table in the middle of the action. Conversations washed over us. We overheard the thoughts and feelings of so many excited patrons.

  • The best spot to cunningly avoid capture by Imperial forces

The Emperor’s forces have increased patrols following the recent terrorist acts of the Rebel Alliance. We found some of the best places to hide were on the crowded convention floor. The enormous Borderlands 2 exhibit was a favorite of the storm troopers in attendance. Where better to hide than in plain sight?

  • The best spots to wander the hallways of the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

The city of Boston and the state of Massachusetts invested almost a billion dollars in this breathtaking building. The entire exterior is covered by glass, which allows for some glorious sunlit illumination. The hall on the back left corner, the hall near the girraffe, and the end of the second floor hallway near room 213 were some of our favorites.

  • The best family spot

Unlike some other conventions, PAX is mostly family friendly. Everyone in your clan can find something to enjoy. Sometimes the best spots are found during the moments you share with family before you split to follow your own interests.

  • The best spot to play some tabletop games

Just like with the food court, the best spot in a room full of tables can be found in the middle. Being surrounded by so many people who are engaged in simlar activities can remind you of a white noise machine. You can tune into the frequency of the guys playing Frag at the table next to you or you can allow all the chatter to merge into a steady unobtrusive hum.

  • The best spot to check out some console freeplay and accessories

On the edge of the freeplay near the gigantic Max Payne poster could be found glass displays containing headphones and gamer glasses. Just by shifting from foot to foot one could see row after row of COD players around this spot.

  • The best spots to meet up with friends to decide what’s next and how to get there

On the edges of each large room could be found groups of people milling about. I saw some waiting for and reuniting with friends and loved ones. Some people rushed boldly toward their next adventure. Others stared blankly into space, utterly lost, at each of these spots.

  • And finally, this year’s best D Pad D Bags spot

When he’s not casting Starcraft matches, streaming gameplay, or writing posts, Phegan is slowly losing his hair. The best spot of all belongs unquestionably to him.

As I said last year, wherever you are, it’s important to keep looking for great spots. They’re all around us. Sometimes just rubbing your eyes can them help you find them. And don’t forget to check out our live-to-tape podcast from this year’s Pax.

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