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Kickstarter, OUYA, and Consoles: Let’s Cut Out the Middle Man

Independent game studios the world over have made great use of Kickstarter, the crowd-sourced investment platform that lets the general public contribute to various projects they’d like to see come to fruition. It’s a brilliant idea in the why-the-hell-didn’t-I-think-of-that mold; why go through the trouble of wooing fickle angel investors who might not understand your product when you can go directly to your intended audience? Tim Schaefer’s upcoming adventure game shot past its $400,000 funding goal in nine hours; that’s more than most of us will make in nine years. There’s even a campaign aiming to develop a brand new console, OUYA, which promises an unprecedented ease of development by making every console a development kit. Looking at all the money getting thrown into these projects leaves me pondering what I consider to be a pretty big question: why the heck hasn’t one of the...

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Special Report: Servers Die Under Game’s Popularity; Players Pissed

Diablo III.  Pretty much every gamer on the planet was looking forward to it.  Millions preordered and preinstalled, anxiously awaiting the stroke of midnight like hordes of hungry mogwai with dreams of transforming into little green assholes.  The witching hour came and went.  Excited Diablo fans fired up the game and tried to log in.  Many couldn’t.  The game they’d been so anxiously anticipating, for which they’d shelled out their hard-earned cash, wouldn’t work without a persistent connection to developer Blizzard’s servers–even for the single-player mode. I call shenanigans.  The terms “single-player” and “persistent server connection” should never be uttered in the same sentence without the additional phrase “does not require.”  Corporate douche bags in stuffy suits claim this is to protect gamers from hackers, or to fight piracy, or to ensure a high-quality gaming experience.  I claim that said douche bags have tied their...

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eSports Growing Pains

We did it, nerds: CBS Interactive (CBSi)  recently announced a partnership with Twitch.TV and Major League Gaming (MLG) to sell advertising on those properties exclusively. Now that professional gaming is gaining legitimacy, let’s turn inward for a moment and work through some “unresolved issues.” MLG Weekends have peaked around 240k+ concurrent viewers. That is awesome, and we hope cross-pollination with CBSi brands like CBSSports, Last.fm, and TV.com will grow that number exponentially. But what does CBSi see in us, anyway? Well, for one, we’re mostly members of the coveted 18-34 demographic, which means our tastes are hardly set in stone. We freely share everything on digital networks that aggregate and resell our information. Best of all, many of us opened our wallets in the past to support our hobby, realizing (wisely) that money talks. There’s nothing more appealing to advertisers than a groundswell of passion...

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