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Top 10 Posts of 2011

It’s that time of year again. Another year of video game douchebaggery, and we have another collection of 10 posts that performed well over the course of the year. This list is purely based on traffic, no other things were taken into consideration, like social media, comments, or any sort of subjective opinion. 2011 was a very successful year for us here at D Pad D Bags, we got our podcast up to 72 episodes, we added a new writer to the blog(YachtCaptianColby), started broadcasting our podcast and gaming content via TwitchTV, and we were nominated for a Most Valuable Blogger award. In 2012, we are looking to grow more, add more writers, produce more content, continue our podcast and entertain you as we find possible. Now on to the list! 10. It’s Not the Size of the Weapon That Counts but the Fury of...

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Heart of the Swarm – Terran Changes, New Units and My Take

Recently, at Blizzcon, Blizzard announced the new units for Heart of the Swarm, as well as, some of the changes that are happening to the races. As an avid Starcraft player, and Amateur Caster, I thought I would share my opinions and insight on the Terran changes. Warhhound The Warhound is a mechanical unit, created from the Factory that has bonus damage to Mech as well as an AoE air attack. As I noted in a prior post, Terran needed a tank buster unit, most TvT would devolve into a Tank/Viking war, this changes everything. Since the Warhound has bonus damage to mechanical, it makes it perfect for attacking right into siege lines, and with it’s size, it isn’t nearly as suseptable to siege damage as Marines and Marauders are. The Warhound is also going to be very strong in TvP, with bonus damage to...

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Starcraft 2 – Terran Vs Terran – Siege Tanks and Vikings – TvT is broken

Terran vs. Terran is broken, there is no denying that. If you do not have a ton of tanks and a ton of vikings, the game is over. Any game from Silver to Master more or less require siege tanks and vikings. I will admit, that is not my play style, I am not very good at that style of play, but unfortunately, that is the only way to win a Terran Vs. Terran game that goes more than 20 minutes, provided your opponent uses that strategy. I am currently winning at a 90% rate against Zerg, I am winning at an 80% rate against Protoss, but my Terran vs. Terran is embarrassingly bad. Much of the reason is, I do not like the siege, slow burn method, I will be the first to admit it,  but I am not very good at it, I...

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Starcraft 2 – How to Counter a 4gate – Terran Vs Protoss

I’ve had some issues with 4gate pushes in my time, but I’ve come up with a decent solution that was working before the patch, and is now even more effective since the patch. Check out the video: The majority of the strategy is to match his gateways with a barracks, and go heavy on marauders. In the case, I went with 4 barracks to directly counter his 4 warpgates. I began to transition into ghosts for the EMP bonus, but also an easy way to deal with immortals and sentries if he decides to bring more of them. It also helps negate large amounts of zealots, between the damage that ghosts do to light(20), EMP, snipe and concussive shell from the Marauders, it makes the Zealots easy enough to deal with, provided they do not have charge. If you want to watch more videos head...

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