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Where Are All the Bioware RPG Rip-Offs?

Mass Effect and Dragon Age are great games, and there aren't enough of that kind of RPG on the market. Where are all of the imitators?...

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Dear Gaming Industry, You and I need to have a chat.  A serious one.  We’ve been together a long time, Gaming Industry.  We’ve had our highs (Mega Man II, The Orange Box) and our lows (Earthworm Jim 3D, Final Fantasy XII).  We’ve grown up together.  I remember my first NES like it was yesterday.  I can correlate every major event in my life with the console I was playing at the time.  I’ve given you piles of cash and done my best to spread your good word to any who would listen.  You’ve helped me through boredom and breakups and vacation days with which I had nothing better to do.  We’re pals, you and I.  Friends to the end. Friends are there for more than just the good times, Gaming Industry.  Sometimes friends have to man up and tell each other when they’ve stepped out...

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Top 10 Posts of 2011

It’s that time of year again. Another year of video game douchebaggery, and we have another collection of 10 posts that performed well over the course of the year. This list is purely based on traffic, no other things were taken into consideration, like social media, comments, or any sort of subjective opinion. 2011 was a very successful year for us here at D Pad D Bags, we got our podcast up to 72 episodes, we added a new writer to the blog(YachtCaptianColby), started broadcasting our podcast and gaming content via TwitchTV, and we were nominated for a Most Valuable Blogger award. In 2012, we are looking to grow more, add more writers, produce more content, continue our podcast and entertain you as we find possible. Now on to the list! 10. It’s Not the Size of the Weapon That Counts but the Fury of...

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