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Buy the Game, Take the Ride

A horrible phenomenon I’m sure almost anybody that has spent too much time on one game has experienced is game rage. You know the sensation: yelling obscenities, stopping the game to physically release you anger, maybe even damaging your mouse or controller in a spurious act of fury. It shames me to say that this has plagued me throughout my entire lifetime of playing video games. There is a lesson I learned from my more “metaphysical” days in the past that has proven to be invaluable in combating game rage. By “metaphysical days,” I mean my time spent with psychedelics. No need beating around the bush. You don’t seem like a rube, and I’m sure you can handle some knowledge from the gonzo side of life. Psychedelics have been a source of immense joy for me when utilized in the proper setting, and more importantly, with...

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Why Your MMO Will Fail

Honestly, I am not even sure why anyone is trying to make MMO games anymore. There hasn’t been a new one that you could even consider moderately successful since the release of World of Warcraft in 2004. Since that time, there have been many MMOs released that have attempted to cash in on the World of Warcraft craze, and all of them have fallen short. Not one has even given WoW a run for it’s money. While I am not an avid fan of WoW, I can’t deny its success. I played for years, but I surely never want to enter that world again. I understand that WoW wasn’t the first MMO; I played Everquest for many years, and I am well aware that Ultima: Online predated that. The MMO is nothing new to gaming, but it was Blizzard’s juggernaut that brought the genre into...

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D Bags Weekly 6/23/12

The end of June. Summer’s in full swing. The sweet smell of barbecue wafts tantalizingly through the warm air. The beach is packed sunbathers and fathers who are supposed to be watching their children but are really just watching the sunbathers. And many hardcore gamers, oblivious to it all, are plugging away at their latest addiction. This is for you, my friends. May we all remain pasty white well into August! Top 5 Starcraft Rivalries – North Korea vs. South Korea. Medic vs. Medevac. Gas vs. Minerals. What? This is about people and not just random game-related bullshit? Oh. That’s probably better than where I was going. Video Game Fantasy League Update, June 2012 – Koz pulls away from the pack, waivers are run, and I still don’t have any frickin’ points. Unless Lollipop Chainsaw sold well last week–but those points would just feel dirty. Episode 96 – Was...

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Announcing the D Pad D Bags League of Legends Show Match Series

  We here at D Pad D Bags are big supports of eSports and we want to see it grow, therefore, we plan to help it grow. In the coming weeks, we will be featuring community League of Legends teams in a weekly show match. The games will be cast by D Pad D Bags own, Mike ‘Phegan’ Egan and from the Rar Gaming Community Matt ‘Mod’ Valuk. Each week will feature two new teams from the League Community. The winner of each match will get a small prize, but more importantly will be entered into the D Pad D Bags League of Legends Season 1. We are still looking for teams to round out the roster for the show match series, so if you are interested please email us at league@dpaddbags.com, please include the in game name of all your teammates, your team name...

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Fantasy Starcraft Draft Results

With the NFL Draft last weekend, my friend Ryan and I decided it would be fun to draft professional Starcraft playerers. The rules are as follows: Each of us selects 5 players. One must be a non-Korean player. Only one can be a Brood War player who is transitioning this year. As I do with all drafts, I gave away the first pick. Team Ryan – Pick 1 Marine King Prime 1. He is Terran. 2. He is adorable. Team Phegan – Pick 1 MVP.DongRueGu Not only has he surpassed NesTea as the best Zerg player in the world, but he’s arguably the best player in the world–right up there with your pick of MKP. I am sure we will see many epic matches between those two in the years to come, so it is only fitting that I select him next. Team Ryan –...

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The Best Spots from PAX East 2012

It’s been another year and the dust has settled from what has become one of Boston’s largest conventions. Many have given their opinions on the best spots from this year’s PAX East.  We here at D Pad D Bags consider ourselves experts on the topic.  We discovered our talent during last year’s PAX, and I strongly feel this year’s list proves our dominance over others in the field. The best spot to play a PC tournament Tucked away in a corner of the PC room was a nondescript terminal. Our sources told us this particular machine won 75% of all the matches played on it. Sometimes making connections can help you find a good spot. The best spot to grab a bite to eat, maybe a $10 beer or $5 soda In the upstairs cafeteria inside the food court we were able to find a table in...

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