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G4 Could’ve Been So Much More

Variety reports that G4 is soon heading the way of GQ. Formerly focused on gaming, comic books, nerd culture, and endless repeats of Cops, the reported brand refresh will try to attract the “modern male” (whatever the fuck that means) while keeping some of its previous content. Remember how NBC neutered that which made the Sci-Fi channel special and tried to make it appeal to a wider audience by renaming it with a stupid spelling that spawned a year’s worth of easy syphilis jokes? G4’s refresh will probably go kind of like that. Here’s hoping we get something like GNREA or ClapTV. In retrospect, it’s amazing how wrong G4 got its premise. For every hour of X-Play, there were at least five hours of Ninja Warrior. G4 was filled with shows unrelated to game and unlimited amounts of paid placements for upcoming releases. Attack of...

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D Bags Weekly 8/11/12: On Space Bars, Failure, and Theivery

What did we learn this week? We learned that no advances in science will ever counteract the power of heartfelt poetry, even aboard the Normandy. 50 Shades of Gray has nothing on the love between McAnus’s FemShep and the delicious Jacob Taylor. We learned that your MMO is probably going to crash and burn worse than the 2012 Boston Red Sox, but that there are a few things you might be able to do to stop it. You know, like hiring a competent manager. We learned that cheating can be ridiculously profitable and easy to justify. This is why anyone who’s played Monopoly with me before never allows me to be the bank and why my favorite part of every RPG I play is robbing all the townsfolk blind. We learned that Hunter S. Thompson has a surefire cure for game rage. It’s not just...

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D Bags Weekly 8/4/12: Centennial

What did we learn this week? We learned that all best-of lists are purely subjective, and that some people are more entertained by teenagers who pretend to shoot themselves in the head than worms that explode hilariously or dinosaurs that blow bubbles. (My 25 Favorite Games of All Time) The podcast taught us all that perseverance and a steady supply of alcohol can actually get you somewhere in life. Also, Centaur Man is gross and Javi from Game Over Nation is awesome. (Episode 100 – “100″) We learned that gamers, Apple fanboys, and jocks may not be so different after all. (The Cult of Nintendo) We learned that you don’t have to be any good at a game to enjoy it as long as it involves some sort of stereotypically Southern aesthetic. (A Streetcar Named Starcraft 2) We learned that some of the best entertainment to...

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A Streetcar Named Starcraft 2

My current game of choice is a cruel mistress–or perhaps more accurately, it is an abusive slack-jawed husband. I’ve recently been introduced to Starcraft 2, and I just don’t know how to quit it. I know I’m late to the party, but I figure it wouldn’t matter since it seems the game’s popularity is inescapable even this far since its release. Everything about the game appeals to my science fiction sensibilities. I love the idea of working-class humans in space, doing the best they can with rusty space ships against elegant ancient aliens or ruthless space bugs. Plenty of games have the latter two portions, but damn it’s so hard to find any video game with blue collar types. Almost every time I see humans in space they have stiff British accents and polished looking technology. Starcraft 2 avoids those stale video game science fiction...

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Top 5 Starcraft Rivalries

The Starcraft 2 pro scene is still young compared to the Brood War scene,  but it has its fair share of rivalries. Some are due to bad blood,  some are due to players just being in the finals against each other so many times. These are some of the most heated pro rivalries since the release of the Starcraft 2. Stephano Vs. Polt Stephano–how can you  not love this man, what with his excessive amount of hair, his polite manner, and the fact that he is hands down the best foreign player in the game today? The man is known for being the Korean killer, taking down many Koreans over the course of the last year. One Korean player that he seems to always end up against is TSL’s Polt. Polt, a top tier player in his own right, has been in Code S many...

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D Bags Weekly – 5/5/12

Cinco de mayo!  Arriba!  Dos cervezas por favor – y una semana de artículos buenos del D Pad D Bags. Y feliz cumpleaños a Brooke Hogan. El mundo seria un lugar menos sin ella.  Buena suerte para ella en el Derby de Kentucky.  Caliente! D Bag Gourmet: The Sessler Sizzlin’ Grill and Cabaret – My ode to the man that inspired me to enter the business and our latest crack at making “Morgan Webb takes big gross dumps” a thing. The Gaming Avengers – The web’s only shameless attempt to steal Avengers traffic involving Minsc and an eight bit legend. eSports Growing Pains – Clay Reimus debuts with an awesome article comparing and contrasting eSports and real, sweaty competitions of athleticism.  Starcraft is more of a sport than golf. Podcast Episode 90 – Baseball Superstars Times Vagazzled – We get even more mileage out of...

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