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“Crappy” Video Game Characters

Killer Croc (from Batman: Arkham Asylum) I am all for being eco friendly, and green, and recycling, but this guy takes the cake. He recycles food, he lives in a sewer and eats weird shit and he’s green. He’s a massive fecal factory. It’s not easy to tell what’s going on in the sewer. The stench, the murky water, and the low light would all make it difficult to tell what brown sharks belong to who except for the fact Crocs will be the size of a shih tzu. Abobo (from the Double Dragon series) This is a big bad guy, with a big appetite and therefore a big byproduct. He always has a look on his face like he is about to launch a torpedo. I wouldn’t mess with this guy; I wouldn’t cut in front of him in the buffet line, or the...

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