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Don’t try this at home! Vol.1

We know them, we love them. Video game logic paradoxes. Actions or events that work in video games,but don’t in the real world. A Clear and obvious example is dying and then respawning. If you are killed you do not respawn at your last checkpoint. This may be the most grave mistake you could make if you are dead set on living your life according to video games and applying what you have learned. Here are a few more examples you shouldn’t live by. Fixing Machines. TF 2 Unless you are Arthur Fonzarelli, hitting something that is broken will not fix it. Engineers in Team Fortress can repair turrets by attacking them with a wrench. Real life engineers know better. Hitting something with a wrench will not repair anything, it may make the sitatution worse. I wish I didn’t try fixing my tv. Elixirs Final...

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