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D Bags Weekly – 5/19/12

Stop playing Diablo for a little while and read this stuff.  Blizzard’s servers will thank you.  Oh, and Max Payne’s kind of lonely so someone should go play with him for a little while.  Seriously guys he’s almost out of pills and he’s threatening to buy a Katy Perry wig because no one cared that he shaved his head. Give the Vita a Chance – I only wrote this article because I bought a Vita and I want everyone else to buy one so my investment is not wasted.  And it’s a pretty cool device. Diablo III: A n00b’s Perspective – Getting into an new IP with a rich history is a daunting task indeed.  Like taking a solid shit after eating at Chipotle. Diablo III Launch Kit – Everything you need to know about your one-way trip to carpal tunnel syndrome. The Witcher 2,...

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Give the Vita a Chance

My frustrations with mobile gaming are well documented.  Despite the impressive technology and awesome UI built into smartphones nowadays, finding an iOS or Android game that’s worth playing when you aren’t on the crapper is nigh impossible.  I haven’t given up on my Quixotic quest (which Psydra could easily end with an iOS port of Dark Scavenger), but my frustrations lead to the purchase of a handheld device built specifically for mobile gaming: Sony’s PS Vita. An attractive piece of technology, the Vita is sleek, it’s light, and it fits easily in my hands despite my long fingers and the touch panel on the back that requires a looser grip.  It’s got one of the crispest screens I’ve seen on any kind of handheld.  The touch functionality is accurate and easy to reach without having to shift your hold on the unit.  The home screen...

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