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D Bags Weekly – 4/21

This Earth Day, save electricity by turning off your consoles and reading print outs of all our articles by candlelight.  The planet–and all the annoying hipsters collecting money for Green Peace–will thank you. What Your Choice of Team in MLB 12: The Show Says About You: A lot, actually.  I have it on good authority that numerous psychologists are adopting this list as a means of better diagnosing their patients.  Mets fan?  Inferiority complex.  Braves fan?  You’re just boring; don’t bother scheduling future sessions.  Red Sox fan?  Oh Sweet Jesus, get the straight jacket and enough valium to knock out a horse! Podcast Episode 86 – Live from PAX East: Recorded just outside the ladies room in which Morgan Webb undoubtedly dropped a deuce as big and annoying as Adam Sessler.  Don’t mind all of the raucous D Pad D Bag fans you can hear...

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The Best Spots from PAX East 2012

It’s been another year and the dust has settled from what has become one of Boston’s largest conventions. Many have given their opinions on the best spots from this year’s PAX East.  We here at D Pad D Bags consider ourselves experts on the topic.  We discovered our talent during last year’s PAX, and I strongly feel this year’s list proves our dominance over others in the field. The best spot to play a PC tournament Tucked away in a corner of the PC room was a nondescript terminal. Our sources told us this particular machine won 75% of all the matches played on it. Sometimes making connections can help you find a good spot. The best spot to grab a bite to eat, maybe a $10 beer or $5 soda In the upstairs cafeteria inside the food court we were able to find a table in...

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