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D Bags Weekly 8/11/12: On Space Bars, Failure, and Theivery

What did we learn this week? We learned that no advances in science will ever counteract the power of heartfelt poetry, even aboard the Normandy. 50 Shades of Gray has nothing on the love between McAnus’s FemShep and the delicious Jacob Taylor. We learned that your MMO is probably going to crash and burn worse than the 2012 Boston Red Sox, but that there are a few things you might be able to do to stop it. You know, like hiring a competent manager. We learned that cheating can be ridiculously profitable and easy to justify. This is why anyone who’s played Monopoly with me before never allows me to be the bank and why my favorite part of every RPG I play is robbing all the townsfolk blind. We learned that Hunter S. Thompson has a surefire cure for game rage. It’s not just...

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E3 in My Wildest Dreams

It’s that time of year again.  E3 is upon us, and the orchards of the Internet are ripe with wild rumors and baseless predictions.  It’s basically gaming Hot Stove season, for those of you who understand the baseball reference.  For those who don’t: E3 and the buildup to it are both interesting as shit even if, like last year, nothing all that interesting happens. So I’m going to play along.  Speculation is fun, even when it’s completely ridiculous.  The following probably won’t happen at E3, but any one of these predictions coming true would sure as hell make my day. Valve announces Half-Life 3.  Few franchises as beloved as Gordon Freeman’s have left their fans hanging so badly for so long.  The end of Episode 2 is one of the most riveting sequences in all of gaming.  Our heroes might be fucked, but they’ve got...

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