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D Bags Weekly 5/26/12

Happy National Paper Airplane Day!  Please join me in celebrating this important American holiday by printing out the following articles, folding them into reasonable facsimiles of flying machines, and whipping them at everyone you see.  Oh what fun! Overthinking It: Is This Even a Game? – In my 428th article about the Mass Effect series, I spend way too much time thinking about a throwaway side mission in the second game. Video Game Fantasy League Update: May 2012 – A leader emerges.  Waivers are run.  Hilarity ensues. Leaked Memos from 38 Studios – Get the inside scoop on the death of Curt Schilling’s game company right from the source.  Don’t ask how we acquired these.  You’ll never believe us. Five Video Game Character With Whom I’d Like to Have a Drink – I tried pouring a snifter of bourbon into Canderous Ordo’s mouth while he was...

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