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D Bags Weekly 6/30/12

We’re all getting an extra second today to compensate for the earth’s wobble as it transits through space. Wow! This is the longest Saturday you’re likely to ever have. What will you do with all that time? I’ve got a few suggestions in regard to quality reading material… The 5 Strongest Video Game Heroines – The gaming industry often has difficulty writing female characters with backstories deeper than “has boobs,” but here are a few instances where it actually got things right. Diablo 3: The Patch 1.03 Conspiracy – Phegan does his best Jesse Ventura impression as he takes on Blizzard’s latest Diablo patch. Sadly I couldn’t convince him to stand outside Blizzard’s studio growling “I was a governor! And a Navy SEAL! WHY WON’T YOU LET ME IN?!?!?” Civ 5: The Five Leaders to Whom It’s Most Embarrassing to Lose – Ziggy Piggy Ziggy Piggy Ziggy Piggy...

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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut DLC: Meh.

As someone who didn’t share the prevailing hatred of Mass Effect 3’s ending, I found the proposition of DLC intended to “fix” the game’s conclusion worrisome at best. Modifying the story to satisfy fan protest, I thought, would set a dangerous precedent: developers would be less likely to push the limits of creative storytelling if they had to worry about spending their time and resources to make everyone happy. Good fiction is not a fan service circle jerk designed to make the reader, viewer, or player feel all warm and fuzzy; it’s a work of art, an outlet through which the writer can tell his story, regardless of how interactive that story might be. Spoilers ahead. I attempted to experience the three updated endings and the new fourth option from not just my own leave-it-alone perspective but also from the point-of-view of those who demanded...

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