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Video Game Fantasy League: An Ending and a New Beginning

The Video Game Fantasy League crowns its first champion. Someone brilliant. Someone deserving. Someone utterly handsome....

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Video Game Fantasy League Update: November 2012

The VGA nominations and recent high-profile releases stir up the VGFL. There's a new leader, a new king of the basement, and a proud new owner of the upcoming Luigi's Mansion....

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Video Game Fantasy League Update: October 2012

October waivers and a scoring update. Koziol finally has some competition....

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Video Game Fantasy League Update, September 2012

With the fall release season in full swing, action in the Video Game Fantasy League heats up hotter than your morning oatmeal. Team Koziol extends its lead. Team Yacht Captain finally claws its way out of the cellar. And Teams Phegan and McAnus are left to moan "What about us?" To which our venerable commish responds "Tough noogies!"...

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Video Game Fantasy League Update, August 2012

The VGFL is our terrible attempt at applying the principles of fantasy sports to the world of gaming. For full rules and the original draft, see here. You know what pisses me off? Not scoring a single point in a game I invented. Luckily for me, I lack the scruples that would keep me from using my commissioner powers for evil. When John Hemingway, lead designer of Borderlands 2, referred to the mechromancer DLC as “girlfriend mode,” I transformed into my alternate David-Stern-giving-the-Knicks-the-first-pick-in-the-draft form and got my scandal on by implementing the following rule: 2 points are awarded if the developer of a rostered game says something stupid or talks shit about that game. Just like that, Team Yacht Captain is on the board. The rule helped Team McAnus as well, so I’ve got the competitive balance out if I need it. Don’t judge. The...

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