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Where Are All the Bioware RPG Rip-Offs?

Mass Effect and Dragon Age are great games, and there aren't enough of that kind of RPG on the market. Where are all of the imitators?...

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Five Franchises Ripe for a Fighting Game

Persona 4 Arena is awesome. It takes the characters and settings I really enjoyed from recent entries in the Shin Megamei Tensei series and wraps them all up nicely in a brand new experience. All the trappings of the game’s combat have been translated into brawling mechanics, from all-out attacks to to skills that use up health and–surprisingly–even status effects. Arena injects new life into a series that wasn’t close to being stale but is better for the change of pace anyway. Which got me thinking: surely there are other series that could use a fighting game! There must be at least five of them! 5. Knights of the Old Republic – Lightsabers. Blasters. Homicidal robots. Sounds like a fighting game roster to me! I’d be down for a mano-a-mano battle between Carth and Canderous beneath the three fiery suns of Tatooine. Given the less...

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My 25 Favorite Games of All Time

I’m not qualified to write a list of the best video games ever made. No one is. No one on the planet has played every video game ever released. No writer can completely remove his personal preferences from any attempt at objectivity. No reviewer can take a thoroughly esoteric value like “quality” and transform it perfectly into a linear scale. Many have vainly tried; I’m not even going to bother. I haven’t played every game ever. I never owned a Super NES, and I haven’t touched a Nintendo console or handheld since the days of the 64. I skipped the original Playstation and didn’t buy a Playstation 2 until the console and all of its games were dirt cheap because the Playstation 3 had just launched. For what it’s worth, I generally dislike first-person-shooters that have me shooting something other than aliens, games based on...

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An Ode to Franchise Mode

Sports gaming is the ultimate pastime for any fan who thinks he can do better than the people on the field or the suits in the front office. The professionals? For the most cases, they’re a bunch of no-nothing bums–and games like Madden and The Show give us armchair coaches and general managers a chance to prove it. I’ve spent a ton of time playing sports games over the years. Ninety-nine percent of that has been in franchise mode. Multiplayer? Pshaw! I don’t want to just beat my friends; I want to beat the entire league at very facet of the game. I want to develop young players. I want to make wild midseason trades that’ll either make or break my playoff hopes. I want to take a random crappy team and fix it, proving that all those who’ve tried were utter nincompoops and the...

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Five Video Game Characters With Whom I’d Like to Have a Drink

1. Canderous Ordo, Knights of the Old Republic – Canderous is a bad ass man with a bad ass history.  I could listen to him tell stories of dropping from orbit in a basilisk for hours.  During my time with KOTOR, I probably did.  His no-nonsense demeanor makes him seem like a man you can really learn something from–kind of like Red Foreman with a heavy repeating blaster. Likely drink of choice: Jaegermeister.  Canderous does not fuck around. 1 2Featured Articles:Playstation 4: What Did We Learn?An Open Letter to the Jiggle Physics and Digital Boob GodsFive Things to Be Thankful for in Gaming...

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How Are You Spending Your Mass Effect 3 Refund?

I swear on Garrus’s spiky head this is my last Mass Effect 3 article.  As such, it’s going to be constructive.  If my previous articles didn’t bring you over to Team Don’t Change It, another attempt has no chance.  And although I could probably spend at least 2000 words explaining why I think those behind the dastardly cupcake attack headed Bioware’s way should shove a Twinkie up their collective ass, I won’t.  It’s time to move on. Let’s talk about you.  There you are, your wallet heavy with your full refund of ME3’s original price from Amazon or Origin, or maybe with the 30 bucks or so you got from Gamestop in exchange for never having to see that miserable piece of crap game ever again (your attitude, not mine).  You’ve got money to burn, friend, but what should you spend it on?  Given your hatred...

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