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Episode 20 – White People Like Civ V, Asians Love the Matrix

This week, we talk about the Civilization V release, and get into a heated debate about Asian’s love for the Matrix. Click here for direct download. Here are the games that we mentioned on the podcast: God of War 3, FIFA 2000, MLB 2007, NBA Jam, Fire Emblem, Legends of Wrestling 2, Advanced Wars 2, Chess Master, Super Fire Pro Wrestling, NHL 2010, Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced, Ico, Shadow of the Colossus, Batman Arkham Asylum 3D, Mass Effect 2, Civilization IV, Civilization V, The Sims, World of Warcraft, Solitaire 2, Bejweled 2, Peggle, NBA Elite, Animal Crossing, Tecmo Bowl, 3D Dot Game Heroes View in iTunes My Channel On Big Contact Featured Articles:Do You Feel Like A Hero Yet? Psychology Takes On Spec Ops: The LineHow to Counter TeemoThe Top Five Bioware Romance Options...

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