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Gamestop and the 70%

In a recent Gamasutra article, Gamestop CEO Paul Raines came out swinging at industry insiders that have decried his company’s used game market as a blight upon the business by announcing that 70% of the money paid out to gamers in exchange for used games is reinvested in brand new titles. Supposedly that’s $1.8 billion–or about 900 million Madden 2007 trade-ins. If that’s true–and it must be, because fancy businessmen never lie, especially when talking about their fancy businesses–then Gamestop’s trade-in service is subsidizing over 19% of the market (based on last year’s estimated $9.3 billion in retail game business). That’s a significant chunk, and that business is surely helping many lesser studios remain viable. This kind of spending makes sense; if a store hands me money in exchange for something I enjoyed but don’t want anymore, it’s extremely likely that said store will have...

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Five Video Game Characters I Never Want to Smell Like

Apparently people want to smell like Mega Man. I’m serious. Perfume company Epic-Scents has signed a deal with Capcom to produce a line of fragrances representing the company’s seminal characters. Although we can only imagine what video game characters might smell like because idiot scientists thought they should spend all their time on 3D rather than Smell-o-vision, it’s pretty obvious there are a few men and women in our favorite medium with aromas that should remain safely locked inside their respective discs, cartridges, or DLC. Deckard Cain, Diablo 3 – Hello my friend. Stay awhile and listen…to the ridiculously long list of things that might be living in Cain’s beard. Traipsing around the world of Diablo in sandals seems like a great way to contract some mutant form of athlete’s foot even John Madden’s most enthusiastic “boom!” couldn’t stand against. This is a very old man...

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Tweets of the Week – Spelunky

Last week, I promised a list of the best tweets about Pokemon Conquest. I’m reneging on that promise. A list of the top tweets about KOEI’s big 3DS crossover would be about as entertaining as a field trip to the 38 Studios offices. People are playing it. People like it. People can’t find a store with the game in stock. Nobody’s saying anything ridiculous or teaching me new words. The utter lack of scandal is deafening. This is why I don’t typically hang around with a lot of Nintendo owners: drama just isn’t in their vocabulary. So where does that leave us? I decided to try tweets about the 3DS next, but most of those are in Japanese so fuck that. After checking the charts to refresh my memory about recent releases, I decided to take a chance on Spelunky, the new favorite independent game of hipsters...

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Humble Indie Bundle V Announced – Gamers Upset

The recently announced Humble Indie Bundle V includes some pretty awesome games: Amnesia: The Dark Decent, Limbo, Psychonauts, Bastion, and Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. A new added twist has some gamers a little angry: this time around, to get Steam keys for your games you need to pay an additional dollar. Since this news has come about gamers have been very upset. xXDeathMarauderXx1923 said the following upon hearing the news. This is getting insane! We gamers don’t deserve this. The Humble Indie Bundle is about us getting games cheap, for whatever price we want. I was going to pay a dollar to get the games, now I have to pay two? I am sick and tired of game companies pulling this kind of shit, first it was the Mass Effect ending, then Diablo 3, and now this? Game companies are going too far, I...

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