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Project P-100: Star of Wii U’s Weak Lineup

Project P-100: Star of the weak Wii U Release Lineup Although it sounds like a terrible name for a futuristic concept car that will never actually hit showrooms, Project P-100, what we consider to be the star of the weak Wii U release line up, is the title of a real video game being developed by Platinum Games (known for cult classics like Bayonetta and Okami). Set to release for the Wii U later this year, the game features superheroes, aliens, robots, and plenty of explosions. It’s sort of an amalgamation of several famous titles: it has an art style similar to Viewtiful Joe, gives the player a score and trophy at the end of each level just like Bayonetta, features a third-person isometric camera that reminds me of Diablo, and is somewhat reminiscent of a much more badass version of Pikmin. Although much of the...

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