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D Bags Weekly 8/11/12: On Space Bars, Failure, and Theivery

What did we learn this week? We learned that no advances in science will ever counteract the power of heartfelt poetry, even aboard the Normandy. 50 Shades of Gray has nothing on the love between McAnus’s FemShep and the delicious Jacob Taylor. We learned that your MMO is probably going to crash and burn worse than the 2012 Boston Red Sox, but that there are a few things you might be able to do to stop it. You know, like hiring a competent manager. We learned that cheating can be ridiculously profitable and easy to justify. This is why anyone who’s played Monopoly with me before never allows me to be the bank and why my favorite part of every RPG I play is robbing all the townsfolk blind. We learned that Hunter S. Thompson has a surefire cure for game rage. It’s not just...

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Buy the Game, Take the Ride

A horrible phenomenon I’m sure almost anybody that has spent too much time on one game has experienced is game rage. You know the sensation: yelling obscenities, stopping the game to physically release you anger, maybe even damaging your mouse or controller in a spurious act of fury. It shames me to say that this has plagued me throughout my entire lifetime of playing video games. There is a lesson I learned from my more “metaphysical” days in the past that has proven to be invaluable in combating game rage. By “metaphysical days,” I mean my time spent with psychedelics. No need beating around the bush. You don’t seem like a rube, and I’m sure you can handle some knowledge from the gonzo side of life. Psychedelics have been a source of immense joy for me when utilized in the proper setting, and more importantly, with...

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Why Your MMO Will Fail

Honestly, I am not even sure why anyone is trying to make MMO games anymore. There hasn’t been a new one that you could even consider moderately successful since the release of World of Warcraft in 2004. Since that time, there have been many MMOs released that have attempted to cash in on the World of Warcraft craze, and all of them have fallen short. Not one has even given WoW a run for it’s money. While I am not an avid fan of WoW, I can’t deny its success. I played for years, but I surely never want to enter that world again. I understand that WoW wasn’t the first MMO; I played Everquest for many years, and I am well aware that Ultima: Online predated that. The MMO is nothing new to gaming, but it was Blizzard’s juggernaut that brought the genre into...

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