The Old Republic Free To Play Review

If you haven’t signed up for a free to play online MMO yet then you really need to make your first one Star Wars: The Old Republic. This article will compare what is getting right and what it needs to improve upon.

First off let me say that the voice acting in SWTOR is phenomenal and it emulates it’s predecessors very well. If you recall Knights of the Old Republic both 1 and 2 set an excellent standard for voice acting and yet again it does not disappoint.

Are you a story player? Do you play games for all the normal reasons but lose interest if the story is junk? If so this free MMO is for you. You will have a total of 12 unique long story lines that belong to each class of player which are: two Jedi, two Sith, two Republic Soldiers, two Empire Soldiers, two Smugglers and finally two Bounty Hunters. These characters each have a continual stream of missions that go on without end throughout the game, somewhat like the guild missions in Skyrim. In addition, you also have thousands of regular missions that everyone can do regardless of their class. As if that amount isn’t enough you also have the Heroics, drastically more difficult missions that demand your coordination with other players in order to accomplish them.

BioWare has done a great job with developing different story lines and missions to keep everybody entertained throughout the course of this game. There is even an update that allows you to engage in aerial dog fighting.  These space type missions are successful in being both enjoyable and beneficial as they allow you to upgrade your ship from time to time.

Ultimately, if you are a fan of the originals your going to have to sacrifice some of the game play styles as this is an MMO. While the game makes plenty of references to the older versions it has a completely changed style of play. In the first ones there was an option to freeze game-play and set up a series of actions that complimented each other giving an advanced strategy against any opponent. In SWTOR your player upgrades can compliment each other if you pick them right, however, there of course is no freeze frame option. Obviously, this would not be possible in a MMO as other players would be freezing the game up constantly and nothing would ever get done.

Subscription benefits are of course expensive as we all are aware that the world runs on money. Bioware’s decision to make Star Wars: The Old Republic a MMO would spell its demise but as it turns out there are a lot of inexpensive options that make this anything but the truth. The free to play option allows any player to enjoy the entire storyline of the game completely free. However, if you do have the will to pay, Bioware’s Cartel Coins allow you to make a one time purchase for that piece of equipment you’ve been wanting since you’ve started, all the while not locking you into any consistent payment. On a side note you can sign up for a more secure account for free by getting a security key. This will give you 100 free cartel coins each month. Once you spend these you get upgraded to preferred status no matter what and your game-play rewards improve. Not a bad way to help out players!

Obviously, before getting the game you should check the requirements to make sure your computer can handle the hard drive space. This games graphics require a certain level of computer so be sure to verify this before your purchase.

My personal dissatisfaction with the SWTOR game is the inability to personalize your powers. I like games that allow you to make or design a unique character and SWTOR does little to satisfy my needs. Each level advancement requires a high amount of spending which hampers the total amount of customization throughout the game. Often you end up overlapping regularly with other players because the same powers compliment each other. The Jedi Guardian next to you may have a stronger force push and be in a different skill tree however you both will end up using the same powers with different levels of potency that look the exact same. Personally I feel that is bush league. “After all I’m a man. I have many leather bound books and my office smells of mahogany! I invented the wheel!” Even Ron Burgandy would feel that BioWare should improve the powers and customization options.

If your questioning checking out SWTOR, just remember its free to try. Might as well check it out on a lazy Saturday, you will not be disappointed.

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