Origin Free Games, SlayerS disbands and Borderlands DLC released

Borderlands 2 DLC: Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate’s Booty Released

This week saw the release of the first Borderlands 2 DLC. While I haven’t had the chance to play it yet, it should be just as much fun as the main game. Gearbox tends to cash in on various popular themes for their DLC, first with the Zombie Island of Dr. Zed, and now with a pirate-themed expansion. I can only assume there will be a ninja-based DLC somewhere in the series’ future.

Origin Gave Away Free Games, Accidentally

Origin gives away free games EA free games codes

A bug in EA’s Origin allowed gamers to reuse special codes multiple times, on multiple accounts to acquire free games. The bug has since been fixed, ending the exploit. The fact that I still wouldn’t install Origin despite all the free content available really says a lot about my opinion of EA’s service. I’m sure those ill-gotten games will be removed from gamers’ inventories, too. This should go well for EA.

Most Social Gamers Quit After One Day

farmville players leave social games after 24 hours

A study of social games conducted by Playnomics found that 85% of players stop playing the such games within the 24 hours and the majority of players drop off within three days. By the end of their study 95% of gamers had lost interest in the social game. While I don’t think this completely describes gamers’ interest in social gaming, I do think it speaks more to the quality of social gaming. Most of them are just poorly made money grabs that aren’t actually fun. I would be interested to see how a social game designed with a focus on fun and quality would perform, though. The only person I know who plays social games is our writer Rob, even though he claims he doesn’t play Facebook games.

Starcraft 2 Team SlayerS Disbands

The Korean Starcraft 2 team SlayerS, founded merely one year ago by Boxer, is disbanding. Despite having some of the best players in the world, including a former GSL Champion MMA, the team will soon be no more. The biggest news coming out of this is that three of the players from SlayerS will be leaving Starcraft 2 completely for League of Legends. Starcraft 2 is currently bleeding fans, and now players, to Riot’s MOBA game, which continues to grow in popularity among both casual and professional players and viewers of the tournaments. Good luck to all the former members of SlayerS, and look for more signs that Starcraft 2 is weakening as an eSport.


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