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How to counter Teemo

The Swift Scout

Cost: 1350 LP or 585 RP


Health 378 (+82/level) Attack Damage 44.5 (+3/level)
Health Regen. 4.65 (+0.65/level) Attack Speed 0.69 (+3.38%/level)
Mana 200 (+40/level) Armor 14 (+3.75/level)
Mana Regen. 6.45 (+0.45/level) Magic Resist 30 (+0/level)
Range 500 Move Speed 330





Passive: If Teemo does not move, attack, or use abilities for 2 seconds, he becomes invisible. Taking action will break the stealth, granting 40% attack speed for the next 3 seconds.


Blinding Dart

Range: 580
Cooldown: 8
Cost (mana): 70/80/90/100/110
Active: Teemo shoots a dart, blinding the target and dealing magic damage. Magic Damage: 80/125/170/215/260 (+80% AP)Blind Duration: 1.5/1.75/2/2.25/2.5


Move Quick

Cooldown: 17
Cost (mana): 40
Passive: Teemo gains move speed. If damaged, this bonus is lost for 5 seconds.Active: For 3 seconds, Teemo gains double the passive speed bonus, which is no longer disabled by being damaged. Passive Move Speed: 10/14/18/22/26%Active Move Speed: 20/28/36/44/52%


Toxic Shot

Passive: Basic attacks poison the target, dealing bonus damage on hit and damage over time for 4 seconds (does not stack, but will refresh DoT upon each hit). Magic Damage on Hit: 10/20/30/40/50 (+30% AP)Magic Damage per Second: 6/12/18/24/30 (+10% AP)


Noxious Trap

Range: 230
Cooldown: 1
Cost (mana): 75/100/125
Active: Teemo places a mushroom that becomes invisible after 1 second, granting vision of the area. If a unit walks over the trap, it will slow units in the area and deal damage over 4 seconds. These traps have 100 health and last for 10 minutes before disappearing. Teemo can store up to 3 at once. Magic Damage per Second: 50/81.25/112.5 (+20%AP)Slow: 30/40/50%Charge Storage Time: 35/31/27




  • Lane bully
  • Mushroom vision and map control
  • High move speed
  • Blind prevents auto-attack damage
  • Stealth
  • Short auto-attack range
  • Squishy
  • Low early burst
  • Easily focused/Attracts cc
  • Item-dependent
  • Mushrooms now give gold


Possibly the most hated, most annoying champion in the game, Teemo isn’t actually that difficult to counter. In order to beat this yordle, you must acknowledge where he excels, and shut that down as early as possible. There is nothing more annoying than a fed Teemo, hopping around the map, chunking your health with his mushrooms, and taunting you with his mere existence.

His main strengths center around his ability to shut down a laning opponent through constant harassment/easy CS-ing and his mushroom-based map control. He is very good at acquiring and maintaining lane dominance by forcing opponents out of lane with his poison while preventing ganks with his mushrooms. However, if you can beat Teemo in lane, his mid- and late-game presence is hardly impactful.


Picking against a Teemo

While Teemo is extremely potent in lane, there are a few champion qualities that can give even the best Teemo players a run for their money. Teemo is especially weak against champions with gap closers, multiple damaging abilities, high burst potential, slows, and hard cc.

Gap Closers: Teemo is inherently hard to catch because of the passive and active on Move Quick. While Teemo can kite easily with this ability, he cannot stop someone from jumping straight to him with a gap closer. Teemo is squishy by nature, and getting up in his face will cause a Teemo player to panic, retreating quickly to the safety of his tower. You can use gap closers and the damage associated with this to win trades, especially if you have other damaging abilities.

Damaging Abilities and High Burst: The one way a Teemo can win a trade with someone with a gap closer is by using his blind to prevent further damage after the jump has been made, all while kiting you, poisoning you, and running away. This does not work if you have other damaging abilities, and having high burst potential with these abilities helps too. Teemo is squishy and if you can jump to him and burst him, you will outdamage him and win the trade.

Slows and Hard cc: This characteristic is more of a team-wide characteristic that needs to be addressed when playing against a Teemo. Because of Teemo’s squishy nature, he can easily be bursted down in a team fight, but his mobility allows him to prance around untouched for more of these fights – unless he is cc’ed. Stuns are good because they will stop a Teemo right in his tracks, but flash and move quick can be used quickly after a stun to allow a Teemo to escape if no one takes the opportunity to burst him down after a stun. A prolonged slow works well in this situation, because it will last longer than a stun and also negate much of his move quick ability. This gives your team a slightly longer window to focus Teemo and burst him down before dealing with the rest of the team.

Additional Bonus – Mushroom Bait: Champions with pets (for instance, Yorick’s ghosts) can be used to clear mushroom mine fields. This will be extremely helpful to clear the brush and river for ganks, and will frustrate a Teemo to no end, as mana and time is wasted when shroom fields are easily cleared out.

Some Champions that are Good Vs Teemo in Lane: Yorick, Pantheon, Lee Sin, Jayce, Rumble, Singed, Zed, Jax, Kha’Zix, Talon

Some Champions that are Good Vs Teemo in Fights: Akali, Ahri, Ezreal, Fizz, Kassadin, All Champions Above

how to counter super teemo skin


During the laning phase, a good Teemo will harass you at every chance he gets. Teemo’s lane strength comes from forcing an opponent out of lane and using the level/gold advantage to control the lane. A Teemo who does this can CS well (the on-hit from his toxic shot passive makes it very easy to score CS), which will lead to acquiring the items he is so heavily dependent on. He will make you pay for last-hitting minions, either by blinding you and causing you to miss the last-hit or auto-attacking you to damage you for every minion you get.

However, it is possible to prevent Teemo from farming. You can make many Teemos forgo last-hitting their own minions by baiting their harassment when they would normally go for a minion kill instead. You will have to chug a lot of health potions if you go this route, but if you are able to time your farming, hitting minions, or harassment to coincide with when Teemo would be last-hitting, you can stop him from getting his own CS.

Playing against Teemo in lane is all about managing trades and staying in lane longer than him. A Teemo below half health is a lot less scary than a full-health yordle. With full health, a Teemo is in control of the lane, but if he has less than half, there is a chance you can kill him, and he will be much more reluctant to harass you while you last hit. You cannot play passive when laning against a Teemo, because it will allow him to harass you and force you out of lane so he can free farm.

In order to do this, it is vital that your champion has some sort of gap closer, or burst abilities. These two usually come together, and if you make Teemo pay just once when he tries to harass you by jumping to him and bursting him down, he will have to resort to a much more passive playstyle. If he does go passive, he can still win by farming easily under turret however, so it is important to take advantage of his passivity to farm yourself and kill/dive him when you are able with your gap closer and burst. Teemo is incredibly squishy in the early stages of a game, so if you pick the right champion, this should not be too difficult.

After Teemo hits level 6 (presumably still in the laning phase), it is important to ward the river with a pink ward. Many Teemo players will start spamming mushrooms in the river to avoid being ganked, but a single pink ward can help you clear any minefields he sets up. I recommend placing the ward in the brush at the entrance to the river, but as far away from the lane and as far into the river as possible to cover the largest range for his mushrooms. A bonus for you (besides opening up the possibility of a gank on Teemo) is that mushrooms now give you gold when you destroy them!

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