How to Counter Caitlyn – League of Legends


The Sheriff of Piltover

Cost: 4800 LP or 880 RP



Health 390 (+80/level) Attack Damage 47 (+3/level)
Health Regen. 4.75 (+0.55/level) Attack Speed 0.625 (+4%/level)
Mana 255 (+45/level) Armor 13 (+3.5/level)
Mana Regen. 6.5 (+0.55/level) Magic Resist 30 (+0/level)
Range 650 Move Speed 325





Caitlyn Headshot Picture


Passive: Every basic attack generates 1 stack of Headshot. Every 7/6/5 stacks, the next attack deals bonus physical damage (50% of her attack damage). This is tripled against monsters, and attacks from bushes will generate 2 stacks. No stacks are gained versus towers.

Caitlyn Piltover Peacemaker Picture

Piltover Peacemaker

Range: 1300

Cool down: 10/9/8/7/6

Cost (mana): 50/60/70/80/90

Physical Damage: 20/60/100/140/180 (+130% AD)

Active: Fires a long distance shot that deals damage, reducing by 10% for each target it passes through with a minimum of 50% of the original damage.

Yordle Snap Trap

Range: 800

Cool down: 20/17/14/11/8

Cost (mana): 50

Magic Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+60% AP)

Active: Places a trap that will root an enemy who passes over it, dealing damage and granting sight for 9 seconds.Only 3 traps can be active at once (going over the limit will deactivate the oldest trap) and they expire after 4 minutes.

90 Caliber Net

Range: 1000

Cool down: 18/16/14/12/10

Cost (mana): 75

Magic Damage: 80/130/180/230/280 (+80% AP)

Slow Duration (seconds): 1/1.25/1.5/1.75/2

Fires a net, knocking her back 400 units and slowing the first enemy hit by 50%.

Ace in the Hole

Range: 2000/2500/3000

Cool down: 90/75/60

Cost (mana): 100

Physical Damage: 250/475/700 (+200% bonus AD)

Active: Locks onto an enemy and channels for 1 second, granting vision of the enemy. A homing shot is then fired to deal damage. It can be blocked by other champions.





  • Lane bully – high attack range
  • 90 Caliber Net can be used to escape (can jump some walls) or catch up to a fleeing enemy
  • Traps for lane control
  • Strong harass
  • Loses many duels in lane
  • Does not scale very well
  • Ultimate easy to block
  • No steroids


Known as one of the most difficult champions to lane against, it’s actually fairly easy to beat Caitlyn if you know her main weakness – she can’t trade at all. Her main asset during the lane phase is that she has higher range than any other ADC’s, but she only comes out on top if you fear her harass or let her get you too low before going after her.

A good Caitlyn will auto attack you whenever she gets a chance and there is no possibility of retaliation. This way, she keeps your health low and keeps you hesitant to engage. She is very good at harassing and controlling a lane this way, since her range allows her to attack you without feeling much push back. However, if you can beat a Caitlyn in lane, you will beat her in the game, as her scaling is mediocre at best, and there are so many better mid and late game ADC’s.

Picking against a Caitlyn

While Caitlyn excels in lane, there are a few champion attributes that can force her out of lane and give you the upper hand. Caitlyn is especially weak to champions who have high trade potential and excel in duels. She is also weak to hard cc, as it can interrupt her 90 Caliber Net and high sustaining lanes since she relied on her harass to keep a lane low. Lastly, because of her lower scaling capabilities to other ADC’s it can be a smart choice to choose a high scaling ADC if you think the game will last until late game.

Trade Potential/Duelists: Caitlyn’s game is hit and run, hit and run, and then more hit and run. She wins lanes because she will land one auto attack, run away, and repeat unscathed. The way to beat Caitlyn in lane is to match her harass, since she doesn’t have very much trade damage. Champions like Sivir, Varus, Lucian, or Draven all have high damaging abilities that complement their auto attacks; if they face off head to head with a harassing Caitlyn, they can always deal more damage than she can. The trick is to not let her range scare you, and to make her back away first. She can out damage you if you run away because she has that extra range, but if you face her head on and start dealing more damage (while dodging her Q of course), you will make her be the one who flees, ultimately winning the trade.

Hard Crowd Control: Truly, Caitlyn only has one escape ability, her E (90 Caliber net), and hard crowd control can interrupt this ability. After that, her positioning is the only thing that will stop your team from getting to and killing her, so make sure you take advantage of that. Any gap closers you have (all ADC’s worst nightmare) should be equipped with hard crowd control, as it will allow them to take her down quickly in a fight, despite her long range.

High Sustain: Because Caitlyn will not duel someone unless her harass has been persistent in getting her opponent low, a high sustaining lane will ensure she never has the chance to engage. If you or your lane partner can keep your ADC at high health, you will always win your duels and trades. Just remember to hit back every time Caitlyn hits, or heal off the damage you cannot return.

High Scaling: If you want to play a passive lane, choose a champion who can farm well at a distance and will scale into the mid and late game. Caitlyn relies on lane dominance and items to be effective during late game, and if you don’t let her get many kills you will out scale her with a better late game ADC. Sometimes it is worth choosing a champion who loses to her in lane if you can surpass her in the mid and late game phases.

Champions that are good vs Caitlyn in lane and team fights:
Sivir, Jinx, Varus, Lucian, Draven, Soraka, Taric

Champions that are good Vs Caitlyn in team fights only:
Kog’Maw, Vayne, Blitz


Lane phase

During the lane phase, a good Caitlyn will harass you with every chance she gets. Caitlyn’s lane strength comes from using her extra range to poke and get her lane opponents low. Ultimately she kills them with a duel (when she has full health and her opponent is low), forcing them out of lane with the presence of her ultimate, or taking the tower early to get extra gold and push another lane.

The easiest way to stop her from doing any of these things is to win trades with her. Caitlyn has low base attack speed, so if you confront her when she tries to auto you, dodging her Q and using your own abilities, you will out damage her every time. You get bonus points if you have a support who can heal and sustain you too. Caitlyn’s tend to think they have lane dominance because of their range, but you can take control by being aggressive early and out damaging her in trades. Also, keep in mind that her Q deals less damage the more units it passes through, so stay behind minions if you see or hear her about to use it.

On the other hand, you can choose to play a safe lane with a Hypercarry like Kog’Maw. In this case, it is vital that your support has a lot of sustain for you, since you will need to farm consistently to out scale Caitlyn mid and late game. In this case, your focus should be on farming, and you should only engage if your Jungler comes to gank for you. You do not want to try to engage using a Hypercarry if you may lose, since it will put you even further behind in your build. If you lose a fight in this type of a lane, Caitlyn will be able to bully you even more and it will be hard to farm and carry mid to late game without abandoning your team during skirmishes to free farm. With a safe lane, it’s best to remain safe – even if you think you can secure a kill, as it may be a bait from their Jungler. Just focus on farming and out scale the Caitlyn for team fights.

Another tip for laning is when Caitlyn lays down traps. Try to get your support to step over them so they do not catch you off guard in a gank or a push. Hitting a trap while fleeing from a jungle gank can be lethal!

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