How EA Can Bring Balance to the Force

Gaming’s evil Empire has taken firm control of the Star Wars galaxy. Yesterday, Disney and Electronic Arts announced a multi-year licensing deal awarding exclusive rights to make games based on the famous franchise, including the forthcoming movie sequels. EA buddies BioWare, DICE, and Visceral are all set to develop games under the agreement. There’s no word yet on whether the Death Star will require an always-on internet connection.

Star Wars has done the MMO thing (twice). It tried the motion control thing and hopefully got that stupidity out of its system. Disney’s internal development teams are focusing on the mobile and casual markets. Rather than building something new to try to capitalize on the latest and “greatest” trends, I say it’s time to take Star Wars games back to their roots. Can we please have Knights of the Old Republic 3 and some new Rogue Squadron-style games now?

As I’ve written previously, there’s a gaping hole in the western RPG market. Who better to fill it than the company that made the squad-based western RPG genre famous? BioWare’s Knights of the Old Republic series paved the way for today’s Mass Effects and Dragon Ages. Imagine how amazing a third entry in the series could be given a combination of modern technology and the lessons BioWare has learned from its other franchises.

And what about Rogue Squadron? If you want to talk about genres severely lacking in modern options, look no further than the starfighter game. Sure, there’s EVE Online, but the infamous MMO involves a few too many spreadsheets to satisfy your average pilot jock. Even StarFox has faded into obscurity. A new Rogue Squadron would stand out in a market devoid of space shooters. Heck, even HD updates of the old X-Wing or TIE Fighter games would go a long way toward satiating fans.

The Star Wars name should be a license to print money. In many cases, it’s been just that. Recent Star Wars games have been a bit lacking, however, some to the point that they had to be given away for free. Why not go back to the titles that made the franchise a big part of gaming?

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