These Are My Favorite Comic Story Line

Sometimes a story line comes along and it knocks the wind out of you for a couple days. These are the ones that should be made into movies, talked about with friends, and mimicked with regards to it’s good story telling style. These are my favorites.

1. The Black Mirror

Bruce Wayne is gone and presumed dead. In the wake of Batman’s disappearance the city could potentially fall into madness. At this point the story lines called; Battle for the Cowl begins. It is after this that the Black Mirror storyline begins. If Bruce Wayne’s Batman had an arch nemesis in Joker, then Dick Grayson’s Batman is established in this title. It is nothing short of epic and it grabs you quickly. This particular title did an excellent job of establishing a difference between Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson while showing a unique difference between the two of them. This difference, like all differences, make you stronger while opening you to a counter tactic. Excellent job on this one DC.


2. Flash

Don’t laugh! If you say anything bad about the Flash comics I will kill you! I’m not unreasonable . I realize that sometimes Flash hasn’t grabbed us as much as Batman or Superman comics but that has changed. Check out some of the new 52’s. The first three books issued of the new flash have taken the story lines back to their perfect beginning in a big way. In Flash Volume #1, the story revolves around a soldier who is given something akin to the super soldier serum of marvels Captain America. This gives the agent the ability to heal at an extremely fast rate. This agent is captured, and tortured by severing his limbs, fingers, legs over and over again and again. That’s gotta suck. If that hasn’t grabbed you then this will. They throw all of his body parts into a room over the course of months. Over time the cells join together and make clones of the agent that then bust their original out. They are all psychic linked, and all trained with the precision of an elite soldier. In time they call themselves mob rule. Amazing right!? Right? Guys? Am I right?


3. Court Of Owls 

The Court of Owls series by DC is amazing. This particular series explores the idea of a group of individuals that are equally if not more trained than the Batman himself. This in itself is terrifying but add even further the ability to survive anything that would kill someone else. How can the mortal Batman overcome such an organization with seemingly limitless funds and resources? That is the question in Court of Owls that must be answered.

One of the high notes of this series is the numerous times you get to see Batman reach his mental limit and he still becomes better for it. One of our favorite personality traits of the DC Hero’s is there ability to push themselves past even their own limits.

What’s your favorite comic story lines? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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