Far Cry 3 Release Kit

Far Cry 3, the highly anticipated sequel to 2008’s Far Cry 2 and a spiritual love child of the Crysis series, features a colorful cast of characters and enough island shrubbery to make Jack Sparrow wet with excitement. Already being hailed as Just Cause 2 on steroids, this is definitely the last AAA title of the year. Jump past the break to catch all the can’t miss info before the game hits shelves December 4th.

Far Cry 3 Launches A 10 Minute Trailer: Of all the trailers released during 2012, this one ranks right up with there with Borderlands 2’s as one of the best. Showcasing every mode available day one and the beauty of Rook Islands, this 10 minute trailer is worth every second.

Far Cry 3 Hands On Videos Hunting And Driving On A Tropical Island : If the trailer had you begging to see some hands-on footage of the game, you’re in luck; Digital Spy delivers excellent clips of gameplay featuring some of the optional side missions you can complete if you want a break from the main story.

Far Cry 3 Achievement List : For all those achievement whores out there (myself included), this is a complete list of all achievements to unlock in Far Cry 3…spoilers aplenty.

WTF Is…Far Cry 3? : Again I must give spoiler alerts, but I feel being spoiled is completely worth it for this video. A commentator by the name of TotalBiscuit has featured Far Cry 3 in his most popular series “WTF Is…” for a totally unbiased look at the game’s single player mode. It’s a 47 minute video, mind you, so get the popcorn ready.

10 Essential Tips For Conquering The Island : Finally, we come to a guide for those of you that want to overachieve before the game hits store shelves.

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