Fable 3 Review

In the latest installment of the Fable series we have our old mix of awesomeness from killing mercenaries and saving travelers to saving mercenaries and killing travelers. With the brand new twist on gameplay, there is no reason why a seasoned Fable player shouldn’t pick up a copy up today.

There is no change in the formula when it comes to picking up the control and forgetting you are holding a controler. Fable 3 is a massive and beautiful sandbox that is 5 times bigger than its predecessor and 15 times bigger than the original.

If you are new to the game, I recommend playing the first two before ever touching the third to truly understand the beauty of the story. It brings the idea that if you were in this characters shoes and predicament, how far would you let your morality fall? Or how honest do you think you can be? Will you accept the hand you are dealt or will you change fate entirely?

Story Mode
Fable 3 takes what the first two games thrived on; the ability to quickly progress through the story or gives you all the time in the world to complete every side quest it offers.
The beginning of this particular game starts of in a different way than its predecessors. You’re not just any random villager with a hidden gift, you aren’t some random street urchin that was mystically chosen; you are Royalty. This concept comes from the ending of Fable 2 just a few years later after the events of your own mother or father.
A unique concept offered in Fable 2 passed on to Fable 3; the player can decide which gender they wish to be, a trait that offers unique encounters with the worlds vast array of NPC’s. This choice is set up in a way to progress the story in a way that is never seen. You are either the younger brother or Sister of your tyrannical older brother Logan. The choices he has been making have not been sitting well with the people of the Kingdom of Albion. Never knowing life outside the walls of the castle, a split second decision is made by two of your most trusted advisors, to leave the castle and fulfill a prophesy that is not only destined for you but is needed for the entire population.
The story in itself isn’t exasperatingly long and one cannot just do every quest in rapid session. Certain parts in the story can only be accessed when there is enough experience gained whether you want to spend time killing everything you see or helping everyone you meet. The game was set up with hundreds of mini quests the game so that boredom is never an option.

Weapon System
Fable’s weapon system has been one of interest, but a costly one. In the beginning, weapons were special with their personal specializations and were even more powerful or weaker when the game gave the player pre-outfitted weapons. The problem has been this; weapons come and go, the most powerful are never exchanged, the upgrades that we can only use ONCE makes us really think about where we want to use it. Do we want to advance the strongest weapon we have or do we want to upgrade the coolest weapon we have? All these choices of upgrading and were only allowed to carry two weapons. The formula hasn’t changed either, however, it was twisted in a very intricate way in Fable 3. While the amount of weapons has been cut down and the ability to upgrade them has been substantially altered, the game offers unique ways to upgrade each weapon through their use and skill.


A player can only carry two weapons of any style; a melee weapon of choice and a ranged weapon. Being set in the most modern of times the traditional way of bows and arrows is over. Players can choose from a rifle or pistol, each weapon is able to be upgraded and offers unique powers against yourself or enemies. Melee has the same concept; a sword or hammer, each upgradable and each as deadly as you can make them. The amount of time a player use a weapon and what they slay with said weapon effects its color, aura, shape, size, texture and overall appearance. A player’s morality plays a smaller role in the appearance. The weapon can turn red or blue depending which side a player wish to tread upon.

Character Illuminations
No game can stand on its own without a memorable cast of characters. Fable has always been a game with memorable saying from many NPC’s that inhabit the world. Through the installments, each secondary character’s as well as primary characters have been given life through dedicated voice actors to give the story its own brand of unique style and emotion. The idea it to sit you down and play a game that runs a little like a movie and gives you the opportunity to see how it shapes up. From good guys to the bad, from the innocent and the guilty, Fable 3 has no misrepresentation of characters. Not one character personality is missing, not even your own dogs.


Veteran players will see new faces joining the ever changing main character as well as new villains, some old favorite bad guys, the most terrifying mastermind ever conserved and the return of one very old yet, very young looking man, everyone’s favorite, Reaver.

Even from the beginning, you know the story is veering into something that the kingdom is ready for; a revolution. But where you and your followers gear up for the battle that will change the fate of the kingdom there is a sinister force gearing up to change the fate of your world. From action packed missions every step of the way, no sword slash goes unwanted, no ace shot is missed and no magic spell goes uncased.
One of Fables most noticeable game mechanics is the ability to weave together spells acquired through dedication and usage. The ability to weave spells is a first in Fable 3 and offers a satisfying way to end the threats of mercenary and villager alike. The person you can be can be anything in between. No choice is too absurd and no preference goes unwanted. Be good or evil, be man or woman, be the greatest hero the world of Albion has ever seen.

There is no such thing as one universe and Fable 3 delivers a multitude of them. Connecting online with friends means the adventure can never be finished. Why would you want it to end? Connecting with friends or random players and going into their universe means that you can collect items unique to their world and bring them back with you. You have seven friends, right? There are seven different rare gems to collect. Love rare and powerful weapons? There are at least 10 of those. Want to create havoc in another world? Do it with a friend and share the wealth! Until you are kicked out that is.

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