Episode 130 – D P4d D B4gs Ps4cast

This week we review the PS4 announcement. Let us know your reaction to Sony’s newest console. Leave us a voicemail at 704-Games-04.

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Our opinions in brief:

Kyle – I am looking forward to further announcements about other capabilities of the Playstation 4. I will wait about a year for the kinks to be worked out of production and software before I really consider a major purchase. My PS3 has a lot of love to give with its solid construction and the back log of games I still have to get through. I’m not quite ready to put it in the retirement home with my GameCube, PS1, Sega, and SNES.  After the big 2-20-13 announcement by Sony, I was impressed by the tech and what shreds of interface they offered.  I am a touch concerned about all of the social connectivity, though. I’m worried it will be the flash in the pan trend that will dictate the early development of the Sony console, and the general console generation.  I am excited about the idea of sharing videos of gaming accomplishments with friends and earning bragging rights. I am a little leery, however, about encouraging every game to tack on last minute elements of the game purely for a “social networking” appeal. I could be snarky about the presentation, or I could be absolutely “fan boyish” and blindly love everything announced, but I will sit back and wait to see what develops.

Anthony – I’m excited about the next generation of consoles. Not because the graphics will be amazing, or because I’ll be able to “share” videos of me owning people in Uncharted or KillScreen’s multiplayer, but mostly because I’m just excited to see what developers will be able to do with digital distribution, streaming live content, and utilizing additional bandwidth and system resources that are going to be built into next gen consoles. I want advanced Kinect-like features built in, I want a Minority Report style interface, I want the future of gaming–the wow factor if you will, and I feel like we’re finally at that point in console gaming. Don’t disappoint me, Microsoft and Sony!

Scott – Looks like a new console to me. I took the whole thing with a heavy grain of salt; that feature list Sony unveiled seemed to be aimed at the press and potential investors rather than gamers. Where was the console? What’s the price? The things you and I care about weren’t really on display.

John – I don’t have anything interesting to add for the article. Can we just show the hands picture and say that moment left me speechless? Or that its the only thing I remember from the two hours?

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