Elder Scrolls Online: To Oblivion With You!

When I left World of Warcraft many years ago, I swore that only one thing would bring me back to an MMORPG. When I made that statement, I had no idea that it could ever come true, and when I first heard the news that it would, I was pretty excited. That one thing that I said would cause me return to the genre was an Elder Scrolls MMORPG. If you are an avid listener of our podcast or if you frequent this site, you should know by now that the Elder Scrolls series are my favorite games of all time–so it would only be natural that I would return to the world of MMORPGs upon the release of an Elder Scrolls game.

I guess things can change, though: as of this moment, I have zero interest in returning to the world of Tamriel as part of an MMO. “Why?” you must be asking yourself. Its pretty simple, actually: previews of the game look fucking terrible.

As far as I can tell, there is nothing innovative going on here. The graphics are nothing like what we come to expect from Bethesda, and honestly, everything I heard about it makes the game feel less like an Elder Scrolls game and more like a generic WoW clone.

I have been pleading with the gaming industry for years to stop making MMOs. They all fail, or go free to play, or the player base just returns to WoW. If you are going to make an MMO, do it right. Don’t rush it, innovate and don’t try to be WoW. Unfortunately, no one seems to get this, and developers continue to release incomplete WoW clones that can’t retain subscribers beyond the initial free month.

In closing, I will not be purchasing the Elder Scrolls MMO. I feel like many true Elder Scrolls fans will not be purchasing it. I also feel like MMO players will also not purchase it; why leave WoW for a second rate knock-off? It makes me really sad to see that one of my favorite franchises of all time is going to make an MMO, and do so poorly. It will bring great shame on its family.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/Dawgs4ever Jay Griffiths

    Couldn’t agree more.  Why these companies seem to think they can just mint money by copying WoW is beyond me.  I couldn’t stand WoW for more than a week.  SWTOR convinced me to never buy another Bioware game (although Dragon Age 2 and EA’s acquisition of the company had already pushed me in that direction).  And for some reason these same companies think that SWG’s eventual demise means that sandbox games aren’t the way to go (despite Eve being somewhat successful for such a long period of time).  What we need is another good sandbox game.  A real sandbox, like Eve, only fantasy.  Oh, and I’m sure that all the producers out there are terrified of making another star wars game.. but if you made an Eve-like game using the Star Wars universe?  WOW indeed!

  • http://www.dpaddbags.com/ Mike Egan

     I played WoW for many years, but I quit WoW because I didn’t want to play it anymore. That doesn’t mean I want to play the exact same game from another company.

    I would love to see another Sandbox game, I am surprised a game like Minecraft hasn’t triggered more interest. Everyone seems afraid to innovate, honestly.

  • DrakePlisken

    How successful the game is majorly depends on its uniqueness. How many similar games you see with similar player base? I played knock-offs and this one smells like one. I believe I heard them (ESonline developers) say classes will be somehow restricted from the start (unlinke in say, Skyrim), why not make it unrestricted like in Darkfall. Put a cap on it thou, cuz you dont want 7x Grand Master (Ultima Online) players running around 3 months into release and monitor afk macroers, and you got yourself a more unique game then. Graphics will depend on the engine they’ll use and it still can be pretty with 200 players battling same space (they said it was their denominator for performance). Have you played STALKER? Or Witcher 2? Both games run on my 6 year old computer and they look beautiful. Stalker has multiplayer and it doesnt diminish graphics and still looks cool. These (Stalkers and Witchers) developers created engines that work, granted resources like ESOnline has one can only imagine what ELSE can be done with it. Knowing history though, I dont expect Bethesda to do any hard work on the subject and they will dumb dont Skyrims engine and let it out. Coding is expensive after all.